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Texting And Cell Phone Essay

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The question of young people and cell phone use and texting causing young people to be less able to concentrate and focus has always been a difficult one to answer. Technology gives teenagers so much but includes many drawbacks. Cell phone use and texting has it’s advantages such as teachers embracing tech,uses for educational purposes, and easy to use;however,some drawbacks are as socializing,time away from homework,and bad communication skills.
The first advantage would be teachers embracing tech in the classroom.Teachers embrace tech as a teaching tool in a way the students will understand.According to Eric board when students took an assignment of translating passages of Othello into other dialects,some students used the texting dialect,”resulting in some very interesting dialogue between lago and othello.The kind of technology teachers are embracing on are high tech calculators,Ipads,smartboards,and a variety of sites.Today’s high tech calculators don’t just calculate certain equations but also graph equations,how to find the greatest common factor,and even get a larger view or smaller view of the graph.The use of ipads in the classroom is useful for both the teacher and the student. For the students the ipad can give them some hints on the problem their solving and maybe even keep a record of their grades that certain student has so they can easily check up on them at any time. While for the teachers they can easily set up tests and quizzes and even grade assignments quickly and effecently.Although some teachers still use regular boards,most teachers use smart boards to teach. These boards are like ordinary boards except these are controlled by remote control pen.By just clicking on the board questions can be written in a variety of ways and in any color you want. The final piece of tech that is mainly used in the classroom is a variety of websites that provide tests,quizzes,and assignments that students can access with a certain username and password.Research has found that all types of technology are changing the way teachers teach forever (
The next advantage is it’s use for educational purposes.All schools nowadays use computers and other gadgets instead of old fashion tools.The thought of using cell phones and texting tools for educational purposes is an extremely heated debate which is hard to understand from both perspectives.According to principle John mill,students are not allowed to use phones to text or call their friends;phones are only allowed for educational purposes From the teacher’s perspective they believe that these tech tools make things more easy to document,access,and share among other students.But even that is a change from last school year,when phones had to be turned off(period gazette,the).From the teacher’s perspective they believe that these tech tools make things easier to document,access,and share among students.From parents and other higher standerds perspective they question if...

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