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The usage of a cell phone while driving is a dangerous thing for drivers in Illinois. In the state of Illinois everyday drivers including young teens have the need to use their cell phones while driving, and don’t perceive the dangerous they are being exposed to. There are many things that could happen while drivers take their eyes of the road, car crashes, sudden death, and if you don’t have insurance it could cost you a fortune to pay for the car accident. Drivers in Illinois should just focus on the road all the time, and not use their phone at all to prevent accidents.
Distracted drivers in Illinois don’t perceive the dangerous of taking their eyes of the road. Distracted driving in Illinois is so dangerous because it takes a drivers attention away from the primary task of driving. One text message or Email is a distraction for a driver because their probably texting someone at the moment or are expecting a text from someone, and are eager to read the text message. “Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration tell that When texting, drivers took their eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds” (Opposing Viewpoints). Talking your eyes of the road even for a minute is extremely dangerous, a fiasco can happen even if you’re driving around the neighborhood. Drivers think that they are perceived of everything while driving in a neighborhood, and no fiasco can happened. Some drivers are not perceive that young pedestrians (children) cross the streets without any reprimand, and if a driver at the moment is distracted a fiasco can occur. All distractions endanger driver, passenger, and bystander safety. Another way death can occur is in the expressway where millions of cars are driving through the expressway in a high speed limit. A distracted driver in an expressway is very dangerous because in anytime another driver can crash with that distracted driver, and can result in a sudden death for both driver and passengers if there were any in the vehicle. “Distracted driving is not only dangerous, it’s deadly,” Gov. Quinn said in a prepared statement (news bank). Drivers in Illinois should not drive while being distracted by using their cell phones, the text message can wait.
Electronic devices are very popular among young teens. Young teens from ages 16 and up are incipient to start driving on the road. Young teens have a big like for electronics devices, social life, and the needs to have a car. Young teens don’t perceive the real responsibilities of having a car, and just want a car to go where ever they want, be the first one to have a car among their friends, and to become more social by hanging out with friends. When companies such as Samsung and Apple release a new phone, tablet, or any new electronic devices young teens tend to want to buy that new product to be on top of everything new that comes out. Because electronics devices are popular among young teens, teens are most likely to be distracted while driving unlike an older adult...

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