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May 2, 2012, was a day that turned my dreams into nightmares. This day started off just like any other day. However, a moment of this day scarred me and I will never forget the reason why. While eating dinner with my mom, dad, and three brothers I received a text message from my friend Matt. I can still see the message, 6:23 PM “Hey Dom, what’s up?” I smoothly went to respond to this text with my phone under the table, or so I thought. While texting under the table my phone slipped and smacked the hard, cold, tile floor. All eyes darted in my direction and I awkwardly stared at my lap. I bent over to pick up the phone and saw that the screen had shattered into a million pieces. The ...view middle of the document...

As the light kept on becoming brighter and brighter I noticed that I was not alone in this unknown territory.
There appeared to be plastic pieces, wires, letters, glass, and software chips all larger than me scattered over this territory I was exploring. I wandered some more. I began to hear a clicking noise in the distance. Curiosity overwhelmed me and I began to walk faster and faster trying to figure out if someone could help me. I crept around a wall of giant buttons with letters printed on them and saw a horrific sight. Down in a gigantic rectangular valley there were thousands of people with phones attached to their hands. Attached to a wall there was what appeared to be a phone charger? I looked closer; indeed it was a phone charger. It was plugged into an outlet and was constantly whipping people with the end of its chord. “Crack! Crack! Crack!” The noise mixed with the sound millions of keyboard buttons being hit at the same time echoed the area. I was in a complete state of shock and the noise began piercing my ears. I turned around quickly covering my ears, but the pain was getting worse. I began running and while looking at the ground I ran into a giant A button. I was knocked out and awoke to even a more horrific setting.
My eyes slowly crept open. Adjusting to the bright lights I was squinting and went to cover my eyes with my hand; but I couldn’t my arms were strapped down to a table. I struggled to move anything, arms, legs, hips, but it was useless. I lifted up my head and began to look at my surroundings. I was in a small white room with nothing in it but the table I was strapped on. I looked at the walls and saw phones. Thousands of cell phones side by side; I looked closer, on the screen there was a live video. It was of the room I was in, the camera was focused on me. “I had to get out of here” I thought. I began squirming and eventually reached into my pocket and grabbed my handy pocket knife. I grabbed the knife and began cutting the straps off of my arms. I got the first arm strap off and then the second. Next the hip strap and then the leg straps. I began on the final strap when I heard footsteps coming down the corridor. I hurried up and cut the final strap off. I quickly got to my feet and realized I had nowhere to hide. The room was empty and there was only one way out. I put my back against the wall on the side of the door. As soon as the door opened my heart stopped. The monster that came through the door was hideous. I froze and could not even think about running away. The monster turned to face me. It was a giant cell phone; over eight feet tall. Its arms and legs were green and red wires twisted around each other. The face was on the screen. Its eyes were black and the mouth was a hole. The hole looked like it had no ending; anything that went in never came out. After a few seconds of staring at each other I ran out the door. The corridor was long and winding. I finally reached the end and saw light I ran...

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