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There are many ambivalent ideas on texting in the academic arena. While many conventional minded educators at Wilkes University feel that the use of cellular devices to text in class is wrong, students equally believe it is not a major concern and is not harmful to their academic studies. From an argumentative standpoint, many professors feel that it is extremely disrespectful, as well as distracting for their students to text during lectures. Students are not able to focus entirely on the material being presented; academic scores are not as high as they should be. “Students these days are so used to multitasking…they believe they are able to process information just as effectively when they are texting as when they are not.” (Rubinkam) However, teachers aren’t entirely eager to accept this justification from students.
The average pupil in school will readily admit their texting habits. An anonymous survey of 269 students was performed at the University, and a startling nine out of ten students admitted to texting during class. “Every single person I know texts in class at least occasionally” (Rubinkam). As the class is paid for by the student, they feel it is their right to use cell phones as they deem fit. However, certain restrictions should be placed when there is a testing atmosphere. Although students may have a relaxed ethic on cell phone usage in class, professors see it as a means to possibly cheat during a test or exam. There is every possibility that a student can receive a message from an outside source relaying an answer or helpful tip for a question on a test.
Effectively, harsher punishments are now inflicted on students caught using their cell phones. Professor Deborah Tindell has implemented a non texting policy in her classes. “[If] she even sees a cell phone during a test, its owner gets an automatic zero” (Rubinkam). At Syracuse University, Professor Laurence Thomas stormed out of his class of 400 students after witnessing several of his students’ text during his lecture. As the frustration of the teachers mount, so do the arguments of students, which have surprisingly substantial merit.
As long as they can absorb the material being taught, students feel it is not an issue to use cell phones in class. They have refined their technique of both learning and communicating digitally to an art. Many students claim that as long as they are not disturbing their peers, and can retain what information they need from the lecture, no harm is committed. “If it’s a really boring class, texting is a nice alternative to having to sit there and focus…but there are...

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