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Seeing someone behind the wheel of a car and texting has become quite a frequent sight. Texting and driving is a serious hazard, which could ultimately cost you your life or others. This pressing issue needs well thought out ads that will convince people to act on this deadly habit and not just be aware of it. Through that idea I felt that my ad is a perfect fit for this problem. This will be revealed through understanding how important this topic is, while also understanding the pathos and logos behind my ad and another.
It is obvious that texting and driving is extremely dangerous, but the majority of drivers continue doing so. Even with all the stories of disastrous car accidents transpiring as a direct outcome of distracted driving, teens and adults are still texting at the wheel. According to a survey put together by OnlineSchools.com in 2011, “23 percent” of all auto collisions “involved cellphones” which equates to 1.3 million crashes. Troubled Americans have taken up the fight against this epidemic. Forty-one states have outlawed texting while driving, and police are experimenting with increasingly aggressive enforcement strategies. Advocacy groups are using PSA’s and ads to really show the American people the ugly truth of texting while driving. But treating the problem of texting and driving simply as a fact of public awareness isn’t the right way to approach it. Most people know they shouldn’t do that. The survey did by OnlineSchools.com showed that “94 percent of Americans” think texting while driving should be illegal yet it still is a pressing issue. Teens are more likely to have long text conversations while driving than adults. Even though there are anti-texting laws it is easy to see this doesn’t stop a teenager from texting and driving. This is a worrying thought because over “82 percent of Americans” (OnlineSchools.com) age sixteen to seventeen own cell phones. It is strange how we all know we are not supposed to text while driving but something in our mind overrides that fact. The problem of texting and driving is not like the judgment error of drinking too much and driving home or neglecting to put on your seatbelt-it’s entirely different. Our smartphones are the problems because they have become such a huge part of our lives that is changing our behavior in an immense way. When having a phone on you there is always an overwhelming impulse to check your phone when we really shouldn’t. That impulse to see who just texted us, or peek at your social media site can be intense while waiting or eating dinner with family and it stays with you even in a car. While in a car, resisting that urge could be a matter of life and death. This is why proper and effective ads and public service announcements are essential to prevent pointless deaths and injuries.
The public service advertisement I created is trying to blend what I think is necessary to create a successful ad. The ad incorporated many rhetorical techniques that I feel makes...

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