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Texting Vs Talking: An Expoloration In Telecommunication Language By Thomas Holtgraves And Korey Paul

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Texting versus talking: An exploration in telecommunication language (2013) by Thomas Holtgraves and Korey Paul was written in response to the ubiquitous nature of texting. Using Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC), the primary objective of this study was to determine the discrepancies between texting and talking. The researchers, hypothesised that there would be clear evidence from two samples, demonstrating “linguistic and psychological” differences of language between texting and phone conversations (2013, 1). This critique will examine method and validity of the experiment that Holtgraves and Paul undertook. While it succeeds in analysing the data in a simple manner, it fails to use ...view middle of the document...

, & Paul, K. 2013).

The text is structured in a concise manner that allows the broader audience to understand the results of the experiments conducted. Data from other studies such as Lenhart, 2010 have reinforced the conclusions. Throughout the text, various methods and approaches such as focus study groups, surveys and large-scale studies and intimate studies with small groups have been used to arrive at current findings. All studies have been comprised of participants selected at random which ultimately eliminates any bias that could cause outlying results, making the experiment valid.

In addition, the article asserts there are linguistic and psychological differences between the language used when texting as opposed to calling. Phone conversations tend to be more “complex and cognitive” rather than affective (Holtgraves, T., & Paul, K. 2013). The article stated that there were limitations within the study, “over 96% of texting participants ranged between 18-21 years old” however, did not affect the conclusive results determined from the study (Holtgraves, T., & Paul, K. 2013, 3). Additionally, experiments conducted prior to this experiment was also used as foreground to establish the...

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