Texting While Driving Should Be Made Illegal

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Janet Froetscher who is on the National Safety Council stated, “We know that at least 1.6 million car crashes involve drivers using cell phones and texting.” This high number of accidents breaks down to 11 deaths of just teenagers a day. Texting while driving should be made illegal to save lives. Mike Dudzinski a current fire captain of Peoria, Arizona stated in an interview that in just a year he experiences about 100 deaths with texting being the cause. Texting while driving is a wide controversy that needs to be made as a law in order to protect lives.
An Adesman stated that, “A person who is texting can be as impaired as a driver who is legally drunk.” A car traveling at 55mph covers the length of a football field in five seconds. The average person who sends out text messages while driving spends on average about eight seconds of looking down at their phone. Approximately 10% of driving time is spent outside of their original lane, by drifting while texting. “There's a difference between driving and texting. When you’re driving your eyes have to be open and on the road watching the cars around you, road signs, and traffic lights. Along with your mind on the road and destination. Which means you are multitasking. When your texting your eyes are on your cell phone screen and key pad. Along with your mind on what you’re going to say next. So how can you do both?” This quote was written by Johnathan Anthony Burkett who wrote the story Neglected but Undefeated. The chances of getting into a car crash are increased four times more than those who are not distracted. Texting while driving involves manual, visual, and the mental ability of a driver which makes messaging while driving one of the worst distractions.
Student surveys from Liberty High School showed that 4 out of 30 believed that texting while driving was okay. The 4 who agreed with text messaging while driving had no relationship with someone who was injured or in a car crash due to messaging while driving. Twelve students out of the thirty knew people who were in a wreck from texting. Only seven students stated that they never look at their phone while driving, while the twenty-three others all answered that they looked at it at least ten times. Texting is a very common practice, with the survey showing that twenty out of the thirty would receive and send at least two-hundred text messages a day. Texting is a very common thing that creates a habit that is hard to break, especially when driving, when one can become “bored”.
In the year 2010 there was an estimation of 1,200,000 car crashes, with texting while driving being the cause. As the amount of phone distribution increases in the United States so does the texting while driving rate. NSC (National Safety Council) stated that now the average car crashes created from texting while driving was approximately 1,600,000 wrecks in the year 2013. John Barton who is apart of Texas Department of Transportation said, “We want drivers to...

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