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Textitle Industry And Cheap Labor Essay

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For many years the garment manufacturers have moved from third world country to third world country in order to keep production cheap. American society is blind to the costs of the apparel industry on the environment and the people of the region that the textile industry calls home, India. Cheap labor is abundant in Bangladesh and for the first time women are allowed to work, but at a sometimes lethal cost. The textile factory workers are under paid and are in horrible situations. A recent example of this is the factory fire that killed 112 garment workers in 2012 (“Bangladesh: Companies Fail to Compensate Fire Victims,” 2013). The mistreatment and lack of compensation for these workers needs to be changed. Many companies involved with the factory where the fire happened are denying any knowledge of the companies being a part of this specific factory tragedy. Many people that survived the fire have had to “sell off their ...view middle of the document...

The human rights violations that have occurred in third world countries in order to supply the fashion for the developed world. Many of the workers never see the thriving garment industry beyond the walls of the factory. There are many “hidden costs…that keeps us well supplied with cheap consumer goods” (Black, 2013). The migration of uneducated young women is what keeps this industry thriving through the cheap labor found in this impoverished part of the world. The women are migrating to cities looking for work because of the changing climate, according to Black (2013). In Black’s article he describes the devastation brought by monsoon season, as much as “one-meter rise in the sea level that will lead to the loss of 18 percent of our land area, [which] means 11 percent of our population, and that means 17 million people” (2013). Those are all people that are subjected to become climate refugees, and the villagers flock to cities, such as Dhaka. While the garment industry “has a greater potential than any other sector to contribute to the reduction of poverty in Bangladesh” according to Ferdous (2013). If the garment industry in third world countries were to make the working environment more suitable for work, not only would it be booming, the poverty stricken population would begin develop into a better country. In order to make these changed happen the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety has set “a binding, five-year plan that sets aggressive timelines and accountability for inspections, training and worker empowerment” (2013). If the Alliance is successful it will, hopefully, set a precedent for future factories in other developing countries.
The labor remains cheap because of the top companies moving factories to the poorest, most desperate countries because the governments are stable enough to support the factories, but not developed enough to put strict regulations on safety or wages. Although the corporate methods are corrupt the companies the opportunities that are being given to some of the impoverished nations could help each country develop into successful states.

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