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Textual Dynamics: What Context Enables The Audience To See

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“disconnection occurs, the voice loses its origin, and the author enters into his own death.” Textual dynamics employs the ideas of Roland Barthes to convey messages to the audience that the words are not able to. The audiences view of texts have not been moulded by what the author would like to be seen but rather what context enables them to see. These properties are observed in all texts but can be seen largely in Sally Potter’s 1992 film “Orlando” which is able to deconstruct reality and common perceptions. Texts such as Orlando are able to blur distinctions that have been embedded in our minds from an early age to prove to us that nothing is certain. Although a text may be able to deconstruct parts of it’s self, it is we as the reader who need to make these links in order for them to be valid.
Barthes is able to distinguish the difference between the programmer and the speaker,“ it is language which speaks, not the author;”. This differentiation is key to understanding textual dynamics as it enables the audience to start deconstructing the text through their own contexts, rather than under the guidelines that have been provided to them by the author. This has meant that new meanings have evolved from texts and has allowed people to question the author’s skills at “programming” the text. This idea of programming the text is represented in Orlando during the toasting scene the servants are constantly changing suggesting an error on the directors’ part. This idea is constantly asked throughout the movie as seen again with the stammering and impromptu lines of the Arch Duke “for the glory of err God.” However Sally Potter is able to utilize during the opening scene and questions who is truly speaking to the audience, much like what Barthes believes.” Who is speaking thus?”This is shown through the direct reply of Orlando towards the narrator. “but when he “that is I” came into the world”.
Roland Barthes goes as far as to say that “a text is not a line of words releasing a single ‘theological’ meaning” and that it “is a tissue of quotations drawn from the innumerable centres of culture.”...

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