Tgfu Teaching Game For Understanding: This Is A Paper On Understanding The Different Method For Teaching Sport

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Assignment #1 Analytical Paper: Effective Instruction of Team Sport."There is more than one way to teach games, and it may not be necessary to separate skill development from game play" (Bunker, Thorpe, 1982). The five of the six readings are based on teaching tactics and strategies before skill development. Although the authors of the articles each have their own specific views on how games should be taught; they are all in the best interests of the students/athletes. Rod Thorpe and David Bunker developed the "Teaching Games for Understanding" model. This model allows the traditional teaching method of learning skills before tactics to be reversed. For example, the TGFU strategy involves ...view middle of the document...

Bunker and Thorpe created the TGFU model in a way that would allow all students to participate in team games. Their model consists of six key steps, which include game, game appreciation, tactical awareness, appropriate decisions, skill execution and performance. Games being the guidance point, making sure the students understand the game form. Game Appreciation is more the understanding of the primary and secondary rules that will make up the game. For example, the students should be able to identify the differences is speed of the game or as one gets in an older age group the nets for the volleyball nets will become higher. Tactical Awareness is the introduction to basic movement principles, such as creating space and advancement in the game. Appropriate decisions is the "how to do it" and the "what to do" it's the questions a student would need to be able to know and perform. Skill Execution is introduced as one understands the need for a particular skill in a certain situation, such as in soccer being able to notice that if a player is going to cut in front of the net, he or she needs to know what kind of pass needs to be done, like a lob pass or just a pass on the ground. Once a student understands that concept then they can be introduced the skill that is needed and the how to do it right. Performance is the finishing touches, it the time you watch and see how one has progressed. One would be able to know what to do in game situation and how to do it. It's the actual performance in game. This model was the basis for a new style of teaching. (Bunker, Thorpe, 1982, p.24)Later, Kirk and MacPhail enhanced the "TGFU" model without completely changing it. Their new stages for teaching were game form, an emerging understanding for student, Secondly; the actual game concept was taught, followed by the thinking strategically to learn cue perception. The fourth step remained the same, as decision making, more specifically, a technique selection. The fifth, movement execution, being knowledgeable of the skill needed to be used in the situation and once that is obtained one would introduce skill development, so it's the knowing how to perform the skill. Sixth being the situated performance, once can see the progress of each student, in game performance you can see where one is at and how high their learning curve is. Kirk and Macphail definitely set up their teaching method so that it could more specific for teachers or coaches to address the aspects of learning that may come about, and teach it so it's understood without needing to ask questions. (Kirk, MacPhail, 2002, p.177-92)Doolittle and Girard's article discuss how students concentrate on game strategies rather than correct skill performance. Their approach to teaching elementary PE consists of the following elements; setting up problems to teach concepts, such as asking the kids why they should move around rather than stand still in a basketball game. The teacher would then talk about the...

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