Th Essay Is About Socceras Beig Described As The Beautiful Game.

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The Beautiful GameIt is named "the world's most beautiful game," no other tournament stirs up so much excitement between the two competing nations; it reunites and turns countries against each other, the name of the sport? As you guessed the sport I'm talking about is foot ball which is better known as soccer here in North America. In this speech I will give you an a to z of this great sport from its early days, the history of the world cup and of course the controversy surrounding it.The fist official game of soccer was played in Derby England after a victory over the Romans. Back then the soccer ball was made from a pig's bladder and stomach and was very heavy. Other countries learned about the sport when England took over them, and then those countries would teach their neighbouring countries and the sport became a huge success around the world. Back then soccer was the most popular sport and still is today.There are many reasons for soccer's popularity around the world, is it that soccer requires a lot of skill and team work or is it because a lot more money goes into soccer than any other sport? I personally think it is because soccer is a very easy and cheap game to play so developing countries can also enjoy this marvellous sport. In Nigeria the children play with rolled up socks yet in the 1998 world cup they still placed above the world renowned teams like Italy, England, Spain and Germany!Soccer is no ordinary sport it has brought many nations together in peace, these include Argentina and England (even though there was a riot strait after) and North Korea and South Korea. A 16 year old boy from Paraguay named Marco Santa Cruz claimed that soccer saved his life, Marco said that life at home was very bad and he was going to commit suicide during his last week he was introduced...

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