Th Girl Who Just Wanted To Be Normal

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Princess Janessa Kingston lived in Australia. She struggled with wanting to be normal like all the other teenage girls. Although, she realized she had no choice in the matter. One day she was going to take over the kingdom as Queen. However she had money saved up since she was young, so that she could go to the city and live on her own. She couldn’t persuade her parents to let her move to the United States. One night, while she was brushing her long, wavy, brown hair she thought of an idea. Her blue eyes grew wide with excitement as she put the plan into action. She was going to sneak out of the castle and fly to Kansas.
While on her private jet, she thought to herself, ‘My ...view middle of the document...

Just as she was about to call her mother, her father called. He told her she needed to come home and settle this with her mother. She told him “I have a life here and I will come home soon.” Her dad told her they would be expecting her. Afterwards, she told Jeremy all that was said.

Chapter 2

The next couple weeks went by fast as she prepared to leave. She tried to separate herself from Jeremy. She knew it was going to hurt to bad to say goodbye. She started hanging out with her other friends more. In the back of her mind she always thought about him. The night before she was going to leave, her friends gave her a surprise party. As she tried to enjoy herself she couldn’t help but wonder what Jeremy was doing.
The next morning, as she walked to her jet, she saw Jeremy walking toward her. She thought to herself ‘Why is he here! Didn’t he get the point that I didn’t want to say this dreadful goodbye?’ Before she knew it they were face to face. As Jeremy knelt down on one knee,...

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