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Thai Airways International Public Company Limited is the national carrier of the Kingdom of Thailand. It operates domestic, regional and intercontinental flights radiating from its home base in Bangkok to key destinations around the world and within Thailand. The company's fully paid up share capital amounts to 16,988,765,500 Baht (9 May 2005) and is 53.77% owned by the Ministry of Finance, the Thai Government. At the end of September 2004, consolidated total assets of the company amounted to 193,211 million Baht. In its operations, THAI has achieved profitability every year for the last 40 consecutive years

Thai Airways International was founded in 1960 as a joint venture between Thailand's domestic carrier, Thai Airways Company (TAC) and Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) with the Scandinavian carrier initially providing a 30% share capital of two million Baht. SAS also provided operations, managerial and marketing expertise, with training assistance aiming at building a fully independent national airline within the shortest possible time. Thai nationals, through training and experience, were gradually able to assume full managerial responsibility and the number of expatriate staff duly reduced until, in 1987, expatriates accounted for less than one percent of staff based in Thailand.

“The First Choice Carrier with Touches of Thai” is the main purpose of Thai airway. The Thai airway has focused on customers as the first priority by maximizing the satisfaction above what the customer’s expectation. Also, the company has made a strong relation between the company and the customers by providing a travel experience without any obstacle, and is impressive with the Service Excellence and Consistency in the concept of Touches of Thai.
Company has taken to improve products and services in many parts urgently, and it must be continued (Quick and service Improvement). It results in overall customer satisfaction rate increased. However, according from a survey found that there are some points that are very different, which is not inconsistent. Some point was praised by many customers. At the same time, criticism was given the same such as the food or the service of the serve on the air. This demonstrates the inconsistency. Therefore, the company has to consider redesigning of all products and services by using the concept “Touches of Thai” such as Thai silk, food, and Thai manners. This will become the strong point of the company to respond the need of customers. Every part has to be a coherent system that can control the service quality. The company has to be ensured that all products and services are performed according to the contract of the customers.


The direct competitors of Thai airways are Singapore Airline and Cathay Pacific. Both of the competitors of Thai Airways are considered to be 5 stars company in this industry from Skytrax. This make sure that they are very strong in term of service section...

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