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Thailand Essay

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IntroductionLocated amidst a booming region, Thailand boasts one of the fastest growingEconomies in Southeast Asia. Known as the "Land of Smiles," Thailand hasEnjoyed an abundance of good fortune as both domestic and foreign businessesrush to invest. From 1988 to 1994, Thailand's Gross Domestic Product (GDP)grew at an average rate of 10%, and Thailand hopes to maintain a similarlevel of growth into the twenty-first century. Thailand has transformed froma traditionally agrarian economy to one focused on capital-intensivemanufacturing, with an emphasis on promotion of advanced technology.The volume of tourists coming to Thailand may not compare to the 27 to 50million people travelling to France, Italy or Spain every year. Yet, whencompared to other high-volume tourist destinations around the world, thegrowth and development of the tourism industry in Thailand is impressive.Egypt receives approximately 2.6 million tourists per year, while Indiaannually draws in approximately 1.8 million tourists. By comparision,Thailand now accommodates approximately 5 million tourists per year, one ofthe highest figures for Southeast Asia.( COMPOSITIONThe formal economy now rests on a mix of agriculture, heavy and light industry, tourism, and services. Thailand also has a large illegal and informal economy; prostitution is a major element of this world. The informal sector possibly comprises over five million workers.With a population of roughly 63 million, Thailand has 13.9 million agricultural workers and 17.4 non-agricultural workers. About 1.2 million are unemployed, and 13.1 million persons older than 15 are not attached to the labour force. In addition, many Thai have moved abroad to seek employment in other East Asian countries. Contributing to the poor employment prospects of many Thai is the fact that many companies in Thailand have begun to rely on illegal immigrants, who are willing to accept less than minimum wage. Thailand currently employs more than one million such immigrants, 90% of them Burmese. There are about three million illegal workers in Thailand, 10 percent of the labour force. ( ISSUESLike many other Asian societies, Thais are accustomed to a paternalistic hierarchical system. They have great respect for age and authority, preferring obedience and tolerance to conflict. This respect is expressed through face, or haikiat. At home, work, and school, they avoid correcting their superiors for fear of insulting them. Thais expect face to be given to subordinates as well. Direct criticism, visible loss of temper, and refusal to compromise are all considered rude to a much greater degree than in the West. Superiors are expected to be considerate and polite, even when reprimanding an employee. Although this is the ideal, Thai managers traditionally have an authoritarian attitude, and show little respect for their employees' ideas or opinions. Thai business culture is vastly different from...

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Thailand Essay

751 words - 3 pages T H A I L A N D By: Christopher Cozad INTRODUCTION Thailand formerly known as Saim, it is located by Burma, Laos,Camdoidia and South Vietniam. The coast is on the gulf of Siam right next to the South Chiana sea. Thailand lies with in the Indochines Peninsula the country, is about 1100 miles west to east and from north to south it is about 500 miles. The land from differs they have high mountains and low planes extreme elevation occurs in the

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1391 words - 6 pages THAILAND Overview Thailand is located in Southeast Asia between Burma, Laos, and Cambodia. Thailand is approximately 514,000 square kilometers. Thailand is made up of all types of land. The main land is the central plains, which is surrounded by the Mae Nam River and its tributaries. Northeast of here are the plateaus and the Mekong river. Mountains run along the north and west borders, and the rain forest peninsula is in the south

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792 words - 4 pages It is difficult to determine the type of culture which existed in Thailand before the Christian era, since no written records or chronologies exist but archeological excavations in the area north of Nakorn Ratchasima indicate that there were people living here over 4000 years ago.However, by the 6th century AD thriving agricultural communities were established from as far north as Lamphun to Pattani in Southern Thailand. Theravada Buddhism was

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1317 words - 6 pages Thailand, a country filled with cultural and intellectual accomplishments during its long and celebrated history, is in the midst of an educational crisis. While Thailand’s population can boast an impressive overall literacy rate of 93.5%, the next generation of young Thai students are caught in a harrowing struggle to secure an adequate education. Thailand has endured a severe decline in the literacy rates since 2005 as the number of public

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855 words - 4 pages economic problems.7 This issue has impacted neighboring countries resulting in them to have benefitted from these protests. It has been estimated that investors have moved approximately THB6.3 billion from the Thai stock market to the Indonesian stock market. The president of Toyota Motor Corporation in Thailand has even warned long term investors to invest in countries such as Indonesia or Vietnam. If this political unrest continues, Thailand’s

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701 words - 3 pages The Children’s Ministries department of the Southern Asia Pacific Division held another historic Division-wide Children’s Ministries Convention in Bangkok, Thailand in August 21-25, 2013. This was attended by more than 200 participants throughout the Southern Asia Pacific Division under the able leadership of Dr Miriam L. Andres. We praise God that inspite of the inclement weather and storm, Manila then was flooded, domestic and international

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1124 words - 5 pages . Most people want to delve into other cultures and places, which is why Thailand is the place to visit; it is a beautiful country with many things to see and do, and paired with a unique culture, it is a place more than worthy of exploration. To begin, one very good reason to go to Thailand is because of how different it is from other countries, especially those in the Western Hemisphere. Thailand is renowned the world over as a beautiful


2334 words - 9 pages SOCIOCULTURALA unified Thai Kingdom was in the mid-14th century. Known as Siam until 1939, Thailand is the only Southwest Asian country never to have been taken over by a European power. A bloodless revolution in 1932 led to a constitutional monarchy. In alliance with Japan during World War2, Thailand ally following the conflict.GEOGRAPHYClimate: Tropical; rainy, warm, cloudy southwest monsoon (mid May to September); dry, cool northeast monsoon


2455 words - 10 pages The free and carefree life in Thailand sounds good, doesn’t it? I was first told about Thailand from my grandparents. They told of its inexpensive living, beautiful sites, and its diverse culture. Initially, they didn’t say much about it, but I knew they could tell me stories for days based on their experiences in Thailand. This sparked my interest very quickly. Thailand was first brought up when my grandparents talked to me about someday

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1065 words - 4 pages Overall Economics Thailand is an educated country. There is no discrimination when it comes to education, unlike the budding business world that is growing faster than the country can keep up with (Thailand in brief). As a whole, the country of Thailand has a strong understanding and functionality of basic economics. Economic Freedom and Government influence The main issue seems to be strongly related to their economic freedom. With the

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771 words - 4 pages Thailand is the home of wonderful scenery, wildlife, and Buddhist temples. People in Thailand have a very laidback approach to life. They welcome anyone into their society with open arms. They are compassionate to people of all religions and invite others to join in on their spiritual gatherings. Even though they are religious, most still welcome the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and transgender community. “Thailand probably boasts one of the highest

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Thailand Essay

593 words - 2 pages THAILAND Climate Northern Thailand has a typical monsoon climate, but since it lies well North of the equator. It does experience marked seasonal temperature variations. The ‘wet season’ monsoon rains start in late May or early June and continue until October. Temperatures in the lowlands are around 32 degrees in the mid-afternoon, falling to a minimum of around 23 degrees at night. It rains on most days but rarely continuously. In August and

Thailand Essay

1438 words - 6 pages Thailand      Thailand is a country in South East Asia. Its neighboring countries are Cambodia on the east, Burma (now called Myanmar) on the west, Laos on the north, and Malaysia on the south. The main river in Thailand is the Chao Phraya River which flows south out of the Mae Nam River. The word nam means water in Thai. Most of the rivers in Thailand start with Mae Nam something. For example: Mae Nam Ping, Mae Nam

Thailand Essay

1097 words - 5 pages Thailand udder went rapid industrialization between the years of 1987-1991 spurring economic growth. Although Thailand underwent rapid industrialization most the country was still employed in agriculture. The failure for most of the country to move from agricultural to industry lead to the growth of child trafficking, due to the need of income within the impoverished communities. Thailand thus became a source of transport of child sex

Thailand Essay

1547 words - 6 pages THAILANDThailand is a country in South East Asia. Its neighboring countries are Cambodia on the east, Burma (now called Myanmar) on the west, Laos on the north, and Malaysia on the south. The main river in Thailand is the Chao Phraya River which flows south out of the Mae Nam River. The word nam means water in Thai. Most of the rivers in Thailand start with Mae Nam something. For example: Mae Nam Ping, Mae Nam Yom, Mae Nam Wang, Mae Nam Songkram