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Thailand, City If Wonders Essay

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The official name is the Kingdom of Thailand. This country, centeredaround its capital Bangkok, has 198,456 square miles. Within theseboundaries there are 54,862,000 people which roughly is 276.4 people persquare mile. 19.8% is urban and 80.2% is rural. This country is divided into72 provinces.Thai is the language that is spoke throughout this country andBuddhism is officially taught. 88.8% of Thailand's people are literate. Thegoverning body consists of a constitutional monarchy and is run by the king.The legislature is organized by a national assembly.Geographically, the biggest peak is Doi Inthanon and the lowest pointof elevation is sea level. The major rivers that flow through Thailand are the:Chao Phyraya, Chi, Mekong, Mun, and the Ping.Thailand is 985 miles north to south and 510 miles east to west.Burma borders Thailand on the north and west (across the Salween River),on the north and east by Laos (across the Mekong River), and on the south(across the Isthmus of Kra) by Malaysia. There is 1200 miles of coastlinealong the gulf of Thailand, which leads into the south China Sea. Thewestern side of the Malay Peninsula is by the Andaman Sea. The Thaipeople describe their land as:'An elephants head'- The trunk is in the south.- The ears in the north.- The mouth is in the delta and harbor of the Chao PhyrayaRiver.- The central plains of the river basis is where the eyes andbrains are located.The vegetation of Thailand contains such plants as; rice, 250 varietiesof bamboo, coconut palm, banana plants, orchards of durain, mango,rambutan, litchi, mangosteen, papaya, and a variety of other fruit plants.The entire region is formed by sediment deposits by the Chao PhyrayaRiver. This river provides irrigation water and fertile soil for rice. The cropsof the region: tapioca in the southeast, corn in the bordering hills, andalthough the plains product no mineral wealth, the mountainous bordersproduce such goods as sapphires, fluorite, and tungsten.The valleys of the northern highlands were stripped of there naturalvegetation and replaced with rice, fruits and tobacco. The mountain land wascleared by lumbering and farming. These mountain offer teak as well asother tropical woods.The northeast is in the Khorat Plateau. These include the low hills andthe central plains by the Mekong River. The mountains that separate theplateau from Cambodia is the scene for a lot of guerrilla warfare. This landis know for its livestock production. Animals were once breed for aid in therice crops and to plow fields. Elephants are still used in the transportation oflumber. The main mineral in the northeast is rocksalt.The south is on the mountains of the Malay Peninsula and extendsthrough the Isthmus of Kra. There is a massive amount of people that farmrice in the river valleys and along the eastern river plains. Thailand fishingfleet is very modernized and this results in major export of shrimp, squid, andcuttlefish. the one problem that has arose with all of this is the...

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