Thailand Highways Management Project Essay

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Thailand Highways Management Project


Group 3

1. Praphop Anantakoon St101942

2. Lam Quynh Tho St102016

3. Phan Thanh Nga St102056

4. Trinh Thi Kim Phuong St102015

5. Nguyen Thuy Hang St102062

6. Probal Dutta St101941

SOM, May 2005



1.The rationale of the study. 3

2.The Project Background. 3

2.1. The Project Information: 3

2.2. The Project Organization: 3


1. The Project Logframe. 4

2.The Project Work Breakdown Structure. 8

3.The Project Cost Estimation. 9

4.The Project Planning and Scheduling. 10

5.The Project Key Stakeholders Description. 12


1.Project Problem Analysis. 17

2.The Project Risk Analysis. 20


1.Ownership and Commitment 21

2.Cross-sector Issues and Conflicts of Interest 22

3.Budget Allocation, Adequate Staffing and Procurement Procedures. 22

4.Support from World Bank Field Office. 22



1.The rationale of the study

Projects are becoming more and more popular and favoured by
development assistant agencies worldwide because of its advantages.
Although they promise many advantages it is not always those are
realized in the real world, in other words, there are many
difficulties and challenges when dealing with a project.

By examining this project, Highways Management Project, we want to
gain practical experience and useful lessons regarding the project
management issues. With this study objective, firstly, we took a focus
on examining the project process to have an inside view on the current
problems and risks of the project; and secondly, from the previous
step, we try to withdraw some practical lessons those will contribute
to our knowledge on project management field.

2.The Project Background

2.1. The Project Information:

The Thailand Highways Management Project (coded as P075173) is a big
project covering three sectors, i.e., road and highways (80%),
sub-national government administration (20%), throughout the northern
areas of Thailand. It is sponsored mainly by the World Bank,
accounting for 58% of the total investment capital, and with the
counterpart fund presenting for 20% of the USD 146.39 total amount
from the Royal Thai Government (hereunder mentioned to as RTG). This
total amount is invested disbursed in a 5-year period for four majour
programs implemented by the Department of Highways (hereunder referred
to as DOH), Ministry of Transportation.

2.2. The Project Organization:

DOH is...

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