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THAILAND Overview Thailand is located in Southeast Asia between Burma, Laos, and Cambodia. Thailand is approximately 514,000 square kilometers. Thailand is made up of all types of land. The main land is the central plains, which is surrounded by the Mae Nam River and its tributaries. Northeast of here are the plateaus and the Mekong river. Mountains run along the north and west borders, and the rain forest peninsula is in the south. Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate, and usually the south gets the most rain and the north gets the least amount of rain. Thailand's formal name is the "Kingdom of Thailand", but everybody calls it Thailand for short. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. There are over 60 million people living in Thailand today. Most the population is Thai (85%), but there are also Chinese (11%), Laos (1%), Malays (3-4%), and other nationalities from Southeast Asia. Most of the core Thai's in Thailand practice Buddhism, but Islam and Christianity are also practiced among the Malays, hill people, and Vietnamese. Education is important in Thailand. "Government supports universal free primary education. Most children attend school several years, and more than 85 percent of [the] population [is] literate" ("Thailand," XV). Thailand has been an independent country for most of its history.Prostitution and AIDS One of the main global issues facing Thailand is prostitution, which eventually leads to AIDS. Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, "but the operation of a facility where prostitution occurs is not"(Slagter). Prostitution is tolerated in Thailand and is encouraged in official circles. The owners who run prostitution rings, sometimes high-level government officials, are not breaking the law; it's the actual prostitute who is breaking the law. Most of the women in this occupation are between the ages of 15 and 29. There are between 200 and 300 thousand working prostitutes every year. On a broader perspective, their is an estimated 1.2 million people in some degree economically dependent on the sex industry (Slagter). Two of the main problems within the prostitution ring are child prostitution and sex tourism. Most children are sent into prostitution because their parents sent them into it. Usually these children are raising money for the parents, so the parents can pay off debts and increase the family income. Some men in Thailand believe that having sex with a young child will reduce their chances of getting AIDS, or it might bring them good luck in the future. ECPAT (End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism) is trying to stop child prostitution, and trying to get these children into schools. Sex tourism is the other big factor within the ring. It is estimated that 50 percent of tourists in Thailand are unaccompanied males. Every town in Thailand has at least one prostitution ring. The government has started an extensive sex education program, which lots of prostitutes are...

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Thailand Essay

593 words - 2 pages THAILAND Climate Northern Thailand has a typical monsoon climate, but since it lies well North of the equator. It does experience marked seasonal temperature variations. The ‘wet season’ monsoon rains start in late May or early June and continue until October. Temperatures in the lowlands are around 32 degrees in the mid-afternoon, falling to a minimum of around 23 degrees at night. It rains on most days but rarely continuously. In August and

Thailand Essay

1097 words - 5 pages Thailand udder went rapid industrialization between the years of 1987-1991 spurring economic growth. Although Thailand underwent rapid industrialization most the country was still employed in agriculture. The failure for most of the country to move from agricultural to industry lead to the growth of child trafficking, due to the need of income within the impoverished communities. Thailand thus became a source of transport of child sex


751 words - 3 pages T H A I L A N D By: Christopher Cozad INTRODUCTION Thailand formerly known as Saim, it is located by Burma, Laos,Camdoidia and South Vietniam. The coast is on the gulf of Siam right next to the South Chiana sea. Thailand lies with in the Indochines Peninsula the country, is about 1100 miles west to east and from north to south it is about 500 miles. The land from differs they have high mountains and low planes extreme elevation occurs in the


1413 words - 6 pages IntroductionLocated amidst a booming region, Thailand boasts one of the fastest growingEconomies in Southeast Asia. Known as the "Land of Smiles," Thailand hasEnjoyed an abundance of good fortune as both domestic and foreign businessesrush to invest. From 1988 to 1994, Thailand's Gross Domestic Product (GDP)grew at an average rate of 10%, and Thailand hopes to maintain a similarlevel of growth into the twenty-first century. Thailand has

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1547 words - 6 pages THAILANDThailand is a country in South East Asia. Its neighboring countries are Cambodia on the east, Burma (now called Myanmar) on the west, Laos on the north, and Malaysia on the south. The main river in Thailand is the Chao Phraya River which flows south out of the Mae Nam River. The word nam means water in Thai. Most of the rivers in Thailand start with Mae Nam something. For example: Mae Nam Ping, Mae Nam Yom, Mae Nam Wang, Mae Nam Songkram

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1045 words - 4 pages Thailand country is situated in the South east of Asia. It is a country that is replete with scenic beauty and even beautiful culture. It has been several jungles, natural parks, verdant plains and beaches washed by crystal blue waters. History of this country is multifaceted, involving storming of different people, concern of different kingdoms, and interface of unrelated cultures and the regulation of several kinds. Thailand country is known

Remarks from the Thailand Crisis

1508 words - 7 pages Remarks from the Thailand Crisis From the analysis of the causing factors of the Thailand currency crisis in 1997, several remarks are made in order to provide recommendations. It is hoped that these recommendations would help avoid future financial crisis similar to the 1997. Sequence of Financial Liberalization Thailand’s economies before the financial crisis have put a lot of weights on exports and the baht’s stability was the key to the

Children Sexual exploitation in Thailand

1642 words - 7 pages . Even though children sexual exploitation is a hidden practice and precise statistics are hard to get it is estimated that approximately one million children per year are involved in the commercial sex trade. As revealed by an UNICEF report from 2001 this is a global issue: 400,000 in India 244,000- 325,000 in the U.S. 200,000 in Thailand 175,000 in Eastern- Central EU 100,000 in the Philippines 100,000 in Brazil 100,000 in Taiwan 2

Separatist Conflict in the Kingdom of Thailand

1803 words - 7 pages .” SIPRI Policy Paper No. 20 (2007): 17-18. 13 Mark Askew, Conspiracy, Politics, and a Disorderly Border (Singapore: ISEAS, 2007), 12. 14 Neil J. Melvin, “Conflict in Southern Thailand: Islamism, Violence and the State in the Patani Insurgency.” SIPRI Policy Paper No. 20 (2007): 30-31Peter Chalk, “The Malay-Muslim Insurgency in Southern Thailand: Understanding the Conflict’s Evolving Dynamic.” National Defense Research Institute (2008): 5-8

Thailand Currency Crisis: Causes and Recommendations

2821 words - 12 pages 4. Low Foreign Reserve A low foreign reserve of Thai central bank is another cause of the financial crisis. Because the baht was pegged to US dollar, it was necessary for the country to keep up a sufficient level of foreign reserve. But apparently the central bank of Thailand failed to do so. According to Table 2, the ratio of short-term debt to foreign reserve has reached almost 100% by 1996, right before the eruption of the financial crisis

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1771 words - 7 pages production activities which are industrial support such as production of canned and plastic products which will lead to employment and increase the national income. In addition, this paper of work would be investigating on the number of competitors in frozen food market. Although there are 201 frozen food companies in Thailand ( but, it has 1 company which has potential enough to exporting frozen

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1438 words - 6 pages Thailand      Thailand is a country in South East Asia. Its neighboring countries are Cambodia on the east, Burma (now called Myanmar) on the west, Laos on the north, and Malaysia on the south. The main river in Thailand is the Chao Phraya River which flows south out of the Mae Nam River. The word nam means water in Thai. Most of the rivers in Thailand start with Mae Nam something. For example: Mae Nam Ping, Mae Nam