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When I view the miraculous world God made for us, I can only imagine the exquisiteness He used in this handiwork. In my life, I possess so many blessings that I consider myself blessed beyond measure. To start with, I can say that one of the blessings for me and all the people in the United States consist of the honor of being a citizen of this great nation. Living in this country gives my family and others many advantages citizens of other countries are not honored to possess. For instance, as an American citizen, religious freedom and, as it states in the 15th amendment, the right to vote count as positive points for living in the nation. Next, my family, which I wouldn’t swap for any others, ranks as one of my greatest blessings. Since they hold great moral and ethical values, I consider them some of the most gracious Christian people ever encountered in my life. Last, my relationship with God takes precedence as another one of my most important blessings, probably the highest blessing. No matter how I act in life, God forgives and stays there for me. Therefore, I thank God each day for my life. As one can see, I hold many blessings in my life.
The only word I think of when the United States comes to mind is blessed. This thought comes because of all the freedoms I own. I know that our country lacks perfection, but I consider myself lucky to call the United States my home. The people who serve in the military make me proud to live in a country like this. Because of these special men and women serving in the military, they make it safe for us all to live here. These men and women not only fight specifically for our country, but they also willingly go and help other countries try to find peace. Just like Will, my brother, each person in the military serves for us so that we keep our freedom. They leave their homes,...

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876 words - 4 pages not used to using a budget. If a child is spoiled, being irresponsible with money does not teach them about the real world. In life they will always expect material things even if they don’t have finances to pay for them. On the other hand, children that have siblings are not spoiled. These children are more thankful for the things they receive. My brother, sister and I are all treated fairly and we do not receive everything we want. During

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