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Ready, set go! I start pedaling my bike down a steep long hill with my spirit free and no worries, doubt in my mind. On the right of the rode I see a field full of horses eating grass that is left before winter starts. On my left, I see a field of hay that was harvested. Above my head is a deep blue sky filled with puffy big clouds. The wind is blowing calmly and brings quivering salvation down my spine. I felt like a new person just free to do anything in this breath taking small town. All houses are more than a mile apart, and they are all small with cute families. This town is yet small of people but wide with space. There is never any extreme noise, you can call a name and it would ego quite a long distance. I live by a big hill, that's not a mountain; I happily hike it like three times each summer or when in need of a time of peace. When I’m on my big rock of this hill I can the town's range and far beyond land that travels its way to the west. There is always a gorgeous sunset every night, where the sky turns purple, the clouds, orange, and the sun golden. There is only one time of year this happens and it is before, after or during thanksgiving break.
If you picked a season that you engaged your greatest thoughts. And what seemed the most radiant to you would it be the hot summers to do whatever each day, the extravagant breezes of the fall, the overwhelming snowflakes falling, or the spring where everything awakens and beauty begins again. I would overall pick the extravagant fall, where all the unique deficient colors come together to form lovely fall leaves and turn the green orchards to the spectacular red or bright orange. Compared to the rest of the seasons like winter I decently don't enjoy because of the bitter cold. In other words I hate being cold! Spring I dearly love but can never come soon enough. While summer I could undoubtedly always love. These seasons can never be explained as well as could with the familiar season like fall.
What joy it is to have your favorite season and holiday being put together. It's just so exception to have be able to be to thankful for such a magnificent day of riding your bike in such a dreamy setting. Thanksgiving has so much more excitement to it than just the beauty of harvest and beauty outside. There’s special tradition and events that happen and will always have such an impact to me with all the memories. Why do I celebrate them? Why do I highlight them over anything else? How are they related to special traditions from the past?
Thanksgiving when you first think of it you think about the food Right?! When you think about it you’re very a very rich person to have a plate of different kinds of food that won’t give you sick or a disease. How lucky you are to be able to have a job or to be able to earn money to have that special meal, it have that meal worked for. It’s awesome helping prepare it all in the chaotic kitchen with so many people wanting to help or you’re trying to get to help. ...

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