Who Are The Crips? Essay

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The Crips are a notorious gang known of in many different countries specifically in western states of the United States. The gang was originated by a 15 year old boy to defend his neighborhood but not as violent as it has progressed itself to, to this day. The Founder, or creator, of the Crips is Raymond Washington, but a more commonly known co-founder is Stanley “Tookie” Williams. Many people see the Crips as a horrible thing to have in the US, but many others see it as a way of life. The Crips have dramatically increased in the amount of members in their gang all across the world. Many people have died due to gang “wars” and gang members killing other gang members from a rival gang, such as the Crips and the bloods. The Crips have been known to be dressed with the color blue, khaki pants, and usually wearing a blue bandana, also known as a flag, hanging out of their back left pocket, wrapped around their face or neck or somewhere connected to them. Kevin glass said, “It was the gangstas who always had the money, guns,girls, the wary enmity of cops and the fearful respect of “chumps”. My essay will touch on the following subjects: (1)Why/How Crips began, (2) The expansion of the Crips, (3) Initiation and representation. (4)How the Crips gained a rivalry(5)What the Crips are about(6)Conclusion(1)The Crips began in a high school in California, Fremont High School, by a 15 year-old boy named Raymond Washington in 1969. The original intent of creating this gang was to continue the ideology of the time, so they could help the black panthers with small crimes, and to act as the protectors of his 78th street community. In its early years the gang consisted of some members that went by the nicknames of, Tookie, Shaft, Barefoot Pookie, batman, No 1, Danifu, and the Godfather. The original name for the gang was the “Baby Avenues”, or the “Avenue Cribs and later on the name evolved into the “Crips”. (A brief History) (2)The expansion of the Crips started in Las Angeles and has expanded all around the world. In the 1980's the Crips expanded all the way into the eastern United States such as New York, New Jersey, Florida, both south and north Carolina, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. By the 1990's, in the LA county, the spreading of the Crips to the east became well established. The continuation of the ideology of the 1960's could not be politically backed up so the gang became focused on protection from other gangs. (National Gang History) By the 1990's the gang had grown to a massive 199 individual crip gangs. The gang is getting more and more violent as the times go on, their rivalry with the bloods causes more increases in deaths, wounded people, and sadness. Nothing is fixed with the violence they are bringing to their communities and it is causing havoc in many places. The type of violence they have been causing has become more organized in a way. “They have become something more...

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