Which Are The Health Consequences Associated With Unbalanced Diet?What Are Your Recommendations For The Promotion Of Healthy Dietary Pattern?

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Most of the people consider eating as a process connected to giving themselves a kind of pleasure, others associate it with a way of survival or simply take it for granted, accept it as a given part of their lives without questioning themselves about the real purpose of this "ritual" as we can call it. In fact, why do we have to bother our lifestyle with so complicated, as some may say, questions or issues? The answer is: because it is not just for our entertainment, people have to be aware that our health is a consequence from the food we consume; the way we combine different essential kinds of food may be crucial and sometimes result in irreversible diseases and effects. That is why we have to pay special attention to the possible outcomes from an unbalanced diet. Because as Hippocrates says:" Positive health requires knowledge of man's primary constitution and the powers of various foods."First of all, I have to stress on the fact that without food we cannot exist. It is our source of energy and enables us to perform all the different processes throughout our body. The various kinds of food which are called nutrients (such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water) are the basis for a balanced diet and in case of an absence of even only one of these compounds may lead to deterioration of our health, especially when this deficiency continues in a long period of time without taking any measures to avoid it!So let us start with the function of the carbohydrates. They are the major source of energy and both undernutrition and overnutrition effects in bad results on the body. Examples of foods rich in carbohydrates are starches, dietary fibers, sugars like pasta, bread, wholegrain products, rice, wheat, maize, potatoes, peas and beans, also fruits and vegetables. The deficiency of such products leads to cardiovascular diseases, in cases of absence of dietary fibers comes the problem of the constipation because people neglect the importance of consuming cellulose (contained in the cereals and vegetables) and the consequence is the diverticular disease and an improper function of the large intestine which may cause even cancer. On the other hand, when the amount of carbohydrates consumed is over the acceptable limits occurs the risk of obesity and overweight which are the basis for developing some chronic diseases like no insulin-dependent diabetes, elevated blood pressure, stroke and some cancers.The next essential kind of food which should be monitored and strictly paid attention to is the group of the proteins. So, what is our body without muscles, tissues, organs, bones, skin, blood...? All of them are maintained and produced thanks to the proteins which are made of the amino acids- the basic building issues of the body.We can find the proteins into all kinds of meat, poultry, beans, fish, milk, cheese, groundnuts, yoghurt, eggs, and Soya beans. They are especially important for growing children who are in the process of...

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