Who Do You Think You Are?

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Do you know who you are? Everyone has a birth certificate; a birth certificate lists our personal identity what we are birth with. Did anyone ask you what the meaning of your name is? Do you think your name will be your identity? A good name takes an important part in our life and career. Our names are the gift which we received ever since we have born. Names contain the hope and wishes of our parents or someone else. From then on, they will follow us wherever we go. Basically, we use names to identify a person; therefore, you don’t have to call others in describing his character or appearance. Names like our clothes. Both of them tend to leave people different impressions. Therefore, our names are important tp help us conform to the society, show our personal life attitudes and basic surrounding culture in general to identify ourselves.
Having a common name helps people to conform the society, especially for immigrations. Firoozeh Dumas discussed how this unusual foreign name caused troubles in her life. The mom at her children’s school called her “F Word” instead of calling her real name. If you have an unusual name, American people do not really learn how to pronounce your name. Furthermore, after graduating from UCBerkeley, Dumas suffered several setbacks because having an exotic name. Companies realized your name is uncommon and foreign, and they set you apart from other applicants. She had to put an American name to conform the society to find a job. The name presented who we are in the society. She decided to add an American name on her applications and resumes; she decided to be a part of this society. As Dumas writing, an exotic name is “a pain in the spice cabinet.” (Remix, 84)
A name could show your personal choices to public. Having an unusual name will take a person more attention. Some people enjoy drawing attention by their exotic name to show they are different, but some others don’t. Those people don’t want to be outstanding anymore because they feel more comfortable to join in the community. Dumas said, “I wanted to be a kid with a name that didn’t draw so much attention, a name that didn’t come with a built-in inquisition as to when and why I had moved to America.” (Remix, 85) She announced to her family she would have an American name, because she decided to change her first name to force herself assimilating the society. Our names are...

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