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The Problem Of Domestic Violence Essay

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When I was exiting Yellowstone National Park, the park ranger at the post asked me what I was doing in Jackson Hole. I explained to him that I was there for the Annual Domestic Violence Conference and he said to me “We have that problem here?” I told him, “That problem is everywhere and actually one in three women will face abuse in one way or another in their lifetime.” I had just learned all of this information from attending this event. I started my role as a Victim Advocate only four days previous to this day. I was not aware of the complete picture of domestic violence but I could relate this phenomena in being part of this statistic. Many people ask me different questions, yet they all are the same, “Does that really happen here that much? We don’t have that problem? Why doesn’t she just leave him?”
When looking at domestic violence and the plausible cause’s one could speculate that this not a new phenomenon but rather something that is newly talked about. Domestic violence has been occurring since the beginning of time. There have been laws stating that women and children were property of a husband or father and this male could do whatever they wanted to with them as they pleased. Property of another means there are no civil rights to speak of and being at the mercy of another. This form of property is closely related to that of slavery. People have only become educated on equality since the 70’s when the Civil Rights Movement occurred. Laws enforcing strict punishment on domestic violence has only really evolved over the last twenty years.
The legal system is lagging in achieving to protect the safety of victims and the public. When one is convicted of domestic violence the possible punishment is for not more than six months with a fine of not more than seven hundred fifty dollars or both, in accordance with W.S 35-21-102. In actual life situations this may vary and the time served can be as little as four days depending on when the person was taken to jail because they will make their initial appearance in front of a judge within the week of incarceration. These people can be let out on a simple signature bond with a hefty price attached to their signature which is supposedly to be paid to the court if they violate their bond conditions, or they may have a bond set, in which they will have to come up with 10-20% of the bond set, and lastly the judge will decide on some heinous crimes, that the offender be given a strict cash bond only ranging from $2,500 to $150,000. Specific punishment is include in these laws but they are only guidelines and aren’t consistent in keeping an offender in jail.
People have always secretly displayed a showing that if they don’t talk about things then supposedly things don’t happen. This could be why the reoccurring of teen pregnancy is rising because if parents aren’t talking to their children about sex then they can pretend that it isn’t happening only until the child calls from...

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