Which Was A Greater Source For The Nigerian Civil War Also Called The Biafran War: Amalgamation Or Tribalism?

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A: Plan of investigationWhich was a greater source for the Nigerian civil war also called the Biafran war, Amalgamation or Tribalism?The war took place at the 'blight of biafra' and was between the Nigerian armed forces and the Biafran soldiers. The Biafrans were initially a part of Nigeria until, May 30 19671 when the leader of the eastern part of Nigeria, citing the northern massacres and fearing genocide proclaimed a seccession of the south-eastern region from Nigeria as a Republic of Biafra. The head of the Federal Military Government in Nigeria then attacked the southern and eastern region therefore the Biafran war.This has always been blamed on the amalgamation of the country as citizens of the country have always complained that the British, knowing nothing of the cultural and ethnic groups simply drew lines and borders and gave those regions surrounded by those borders names and expected them to be a country2. The civilians of 'Niger area' as it was called complained that that was a big misunderstanding made by the British. However, the purpose of my essay is to seek another possible reason for the Nigerian civil war, that is other than the amalgamtion of the country which is tribalism. With the help of a book called " The making of a nation-Biafra" by Arthur A. Nwankwo and Ifejika Samuel, I aim to point out that perhaps the British are not the only ones to blame for the conflict but also the inhabitants of the country played an important role in enhancing the hatred amongst one another.B: Summary of Evidence1. The creation of Nigeria.Nigeria had been a British colony from 1914-1960 1.British had come into Africa for trade but began to leave during the 1950s and in 1960 it decided to leave the country, after an election was held, under the administration of the indigenes2. However, the carving up of the country though should have been a problem as stated by Nwafor orizu, what really existed in the western sudanese parts were a multitude of already independent national states which were not only politically and territorially separate but also linguistically and culturally different3, this fact did not seem to pose any threat to the British leaders who were supposed to create these boundaries and borders for countries. Instead they simply took pencils and started drawing lines on maps as lord Salisbury in 1890 declared that " we have engaged in drawing lines upon maps where no white man's foot ever trod; we have been giving aways mountains and rivers and lakes to each other, only hindered by the small impediment that we never knew exactly where the mountains and rivers and lakes were"4 . Not only did they have no idea about the geography of the region they also did not know of the political instability of the region. According to Orizu, there were tribes existing in the Niger area that had already distinguighed themselves and had become independent of one another. Though they had certain customs in common they were still politically...

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