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This Is A Essay/Oral Presentation On Gallileo Gallile

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RE Speech ReduxWhere did Gallileo Live?- Galileo was born in Pisa in the 16th centuary, then in the 1570's he moved to Florence.- He was the first of 6 children (however some people think 7 children)- His family was not very rich, however it did belong to nobility- Died in 1642His Preoffesion...- Gallileo studied medacine at University- Later he becasme a proffesor, tecahing and interested in Astronomy, Mathamatics and a Physist.- Made many discoveries, eg. Pendulum and Mechanical Devices- Later on he took up a position at the court of the Medici Family who were a very rich and powerful family at the time.Noteworth Aspects of his Life:Studied Medacine1581 theory on Pendulum1592 designed pump1604 produced idea of "super nova"1613 Discovered that the earth and planets revolve around the sunStarted Losing SightPut under house arrest for disobaying church for the second time due to the inquisition.Died 1642Most important contribution to science...His most important contribution to science would have to be the idea that the earth and planets revolve around the sun and not the other way round.However he also made some other important discoveries. eg.The theory of the pendulum, and later his creation of the pendulum clock.Also on motion he had many ideas and even wrote a book called "on Motion"Also one of the most other important creations he made was the improvment of the telescope, gallieo increased the viewing distance of old telescope (which could zoom 3x) to a telescope that could zoom up to 20x, which later helped him in his discovery into the...

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