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This Is A Story, Based On The Movie Titled "Beneath Clouds", Continuing On A Point With Several Aspects Changed.

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Soot can be deceiving.Vaugn stared up at the flickering shadows, telling their stories through erratic dancing on the dark roof. It had scarcely been two days since Vaugn had been lying in his scratchy prison bed, and he didn't miss one minute of the cruel life. It was the same everyday, wake up follow orders go to bed at the end of an exhausting day, then you have the next day to look forward to. He hadn't heard from anyone on the outside and watching other detainees get visitors and letters from family was hard, but he had become accustomed to a hardened life. After how many years he couldn't remember; his sister had come to visit, to tell him his mum was dying, and she wanted to see him. He had disappointed his mother, being a criminal for a son and felt no pride serving time for his criminal acts- stealing cars.'Ten second Vaugn', that's what they used to call him, earning the title being able to take any car he wished- in ten seconds flat. Although ten seconds turned into ten years when the police caught up with him, stupid pigs think they own everything. He spat.Lena averted her watch from the fire to glower at Vaugn."You shouldn't spit in church"And now he had escaped, he was on the run, sheltering in an abandoned church for the night, with a white girl, who was also trying escape from her old life.Vaughn turned his head to look at Lena, then turned his gaze back to the ceiling."God ain't done nothing for me"Lena rolled on her side facing away from him.Closing his eyes, Vaugn's thoughts drifted off into dreams. He slept deeply, even when the breeze came up and blew one of the old rickety windows open. He slept on, as several embers were blown across the church floor against the wall, where tiny tendrils of smoke started to slowly rise. At once tiny flames were licking up the walls and the smoke tendrils were winding together into thicker plumes. The flames were taking to the dry wood of the church, spreading higher and higher along the stained glass windows. Before long, the rapidly growing flames lighted up the whole room and it wasn't until the sound of roaring fire and the wailing of sirens that Vaugn awoke. The smoke stung his eyes and made him cough; he fought the haze to spot Lena. On the other side of the church, he could make out Lena's unconscious figure, coughing, the sleave of her white...

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