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Imagine That You Are An Actor And Have Been Asked To Take On The Role Of 'hale' In 'the Crucible'. Discuss How You Would Like To Portray Your Character On The Stage.

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I have been asked to play the part of 'Reverend John Hale' in a stage production of 'The Crucible'. 'The crucible is a play based on the Salem witch trials, which took place in the sixteenth century, and is centred around the them of naming names and passing the blame. Arthur Miller wrote 'The Crucible', and I believe his purpose writing this play was to show the consequence of naming names and taking revenge as well as showing how different those times were.My character, Reverend John Hale of Beverly is said to be."...nearing forty, a tight-skinned, eager-eyed intellectual."He thinks himself to be quite the specialist on witchcraft and things of the supernatural, because of the education he has received, he was glad that he was "...the specialist..." that had been called to Salem to sort out their problem of suspected witchcraft. He feels this is his chance to prove himself. When he comes to Salem everyone seems to take to him quickly, he is very nice and charming to everyone.To Rebecca Nurse"Hale: cannot be Rebecca Nurse?...,but I suppose you look as such a good soul should. We have all heard of your great charities in Beverly."To Thomas Putnam."Hale: ...Putnam! I had not expected such distinguished company, sir."By doing this he is gaining respect from the townspeople of Salem. He soon has Parris 'sucking-up' to him as well as having Parris respect. I feel that when he first came to Salem, in the play, that he is arrogant as if he can take care of everything. I think that he may believe too strongly in what he has been taught, but in the period the play is set, the characters would see the Devil, witchcraft and the supernatural as a respectable view of cosmology. Something they believe in because there had to be opposites, God to the Devil or good to evil.When he arrives he seems to throw himself into things, before he really thinks about things, like it may be a hoax. Also before Hale came to Salem, none of the girls who had been caught dancing in the forest had accused anybody or named anybody as a witch until he came and told Tituba that she should go back to God. It was then, that names started to be thrown around. My character was supposed to determine whether or not there was witchcraft involved in Salem, but he seemed to light the final fuse toward total disruption, death and power surges in Salem.When portraying my character at the end of act one, when he first arrives in Salem, I would make him have a very confident walk with long strides and hold himself up with good posture. He would also hold his head high and generally act confidently when addressing people.We can see that Hale would have liked Abigail Williams because it appeared that she was doing 'God's work' by accusing people of using witchcraft. He doesn't have much interest with Reverend Samuel Parris, but they do have different ideas. With John Proctor he seems to like him but is suspicious of him believing he has something to do witchcraft. Hale is in-fact picking...

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