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The article I have chosen to summarize highlights the accounting practices of a San Diego--based company, Jack in the Box, Inc. (NYSE: JBX). In addition to summarizing the article, I will discuss how the concepts of the article relate to my organization The Platinum Company Inc., including, making recommendations for improvement for my organization based on the article. Lastly, explain the importance of ethics in accounting and financial decision making.Although Jack in the Box remained strong with widely varied menu items and unique marketing strategies through the E. coli disaster of 1993, the current economic slump in the fast food industry highlights serious controversy over the company's new growth strategy and accounting practices (Bauder). In this article, analysts are challenging the accounting practices of a San Diego-based company, Jack in the Box. In their 10-k report, Jack in the Box is listing franchise sales as "other revenues", which on paper triples their operation income to $9.1 million. David N. Allen of investment banking firm Caris & Co., questions this practice as the, "Selling of company assets to franchisees is not the same as selling a food product". He goes further saying that the company should separate operating earnings from non-operating income. Reporting gains from asset sales to franchisees is inappropriate. Jack in the Box countered this claim by stating that other fast food chains use the same accounting practices, which is consistent with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). In defense of Jack in the Box, Bud Leedom, senior analyst at Wells Fargo Securities believes that Jack's accounting technique is specifically disclosed to Wall Street and as such is not troubled by their practices. Yet, on the other hand, David Geraty of RBC Capital Markets points out that by employing this practice the company is simply compensating softer sales with gains for other revenues.Platinum Inc. is responsible for the preparation, integrity, and fair presentation of its published financial statements. For my organization, The Platinum Company, the corporation maintains a system of internal control over financial reporting which is designed to provide reasonable assurance to management and the Board of Directors regarding the preparation of reliable published financial statements. The financial...

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