This Is An Essay About King Lear And How It Used Several Literary Elements.

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In King Lear one of the most important themes is blindness. In King Lear both Lear and glouscter are blind. In this book blindness is not a physical quality but a mental flaw that some people have. Both King Lear and glouscter are good examples of blindness. Each of these characters's blindness was the main cause of the bad decisions they made.
The blindest character in my mind was King Lear. Because of
Lear's high position in society, he was supposed to be able to
See the good from the bad; unfortunately he was unable to do so. Lear's first act of blindness came at the beginning of the play. First he was easily tricked by his two daughters "goneril" and Regan", then, he was unable to see the true love that cordelia had for him, and as a result, banished her from his kingdom. This is where the first part of Lear's blindness comes in when he says, in act I scene I lines 304-306, "for we have no such daughter, nor shall ever see that face of her again". King Lear has now banished cordelia.
Another part of the play that shows King Lears blindness was when he banished Kent. Kent was able to see Cordelia's true love for her father, and tried to protect her from her blind father making a mistake and banishing her. After Kent was banished, he created a disguise for himself and was eventually hired by Lear as a servant. Lear's inability to determine who his servant really was proved once again how blind Lear actually was. As the play went on king Lear started to see better. He realized how wicked his two eldest daughters really were after they locked him out of the castle during a tremendous storm. Lear saw through...

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