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Who Is God Essay

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Who is God?Worshipping is a way to communicate beliefs and feelings of individuals and religious communities. Every society I have every studied from the American Indians to the Ancient Greek have all believed in some form of worship or religion. Altars have been and are in existence in several if not all forms of region. Robert Farris Thompson depicts this for the African population in ' Overture: The Concept 'Altar,' ' and ' With the Assurance of Infinity: Yoruba Atlantic Altars,' Face of the Gods: Art and Altars of Africa and the African Americas, through pictures he and others have taken, has well as evidence from assorted books, articles, poems and songs, Thompson shows the meaningful role the Altar had in self expression of the Africans. "The aim is to view black Atlantic art, especially in the New World, in terms of thoughtfully selected [altar] objects belonging to specific philosophic constellations which help to define the face of divinity."Through the oppression of the salve trade, the Yoruba Africans worked to keep there own conception of region intact. 'Even under slavery, and under post slavery persecution in the late nineteenth century, the Yoruba of Cuba and Brazil managed to maintain sporadic but precious contact with Africa through networks of friends and traders. They sought the sacred cowries, seeds, and beads of Africa for their religion.' This example of perseverance of their native ritual and worship practices, shows the magnitude that region held for many Yoruba Africans.They kept their own religion alive through many hidden tactics such as unsuspected culinary art, by giving the gods the food they needed to be strong. 'But these were more than foods: they were writings in code. African system of logic and belief flowed unsuspected from the kitchen, giving the gods the dishes they craved.'The Altar was also maintained by many-shelved cabinets called canastillerd, as Thompson showed in plate 175, the cabinet would hide the religious essence of the Alter inside, when police or strangers came. Thompson shows that anything from a empty room to a plate of food can be an alter, an altar is just a place that you realize and express...

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