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This Is About The Hydrothermal Vent Systems Under The Water.

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Hydrothermal VentsAfter months of anticipation, I finally get to go on the Alvin Submersible. Our main assignment is to study the marine life in the hydrothermal vents. Since the hydrothermal vents are located so deep in the ocean, we had no other choice but to use the Alvin submersible. Our current model can travel to depths as low as 14,764 feet while carrying three people, which is plenty for our operation. We are planning to do our plunge in the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of the Galapagos Islands.The reason we choose the coast off the Galapagos Islands is because of the hydrothermal vents located there. There are some different types of marine life located in this area, and we like to grab some samples. We are now all loaded into the Alvin, and are waiting for the crane to drop us into the ocean.Starting our journey down towards the hydrothermal vents, we find our self in the epipelagic zone first. This is the zone where most of the visible light exists since it is at the top of the zones, up to about 200 meters. The life forms we find in this zone are common to use photosynthesis, since light is abundant in this zone. I noticed that the fishes seen in this zone are very diverse, I am seeing thousands of different species of mostly small fish, however there are some sharks and whales also in this zone. As we plunge deeper we gain closer and closer towards the mesopelagic zone.The mesopelagic zone is between 200 and 1000 meters deep. This is the zone that my crewmates and I call the twilight zone, due to its low light. We begin to see the twinkling lights of bioluminescent creatures, due to their photophores. A great diversity of strange and bizarre fishes can be found here. We are beginning to reach the 500 meter mark, which is very unique since the water depletes of oxygen at this level. This makes the creatures in this zone to develop better gills to help them extract the oxygen from the water. Most of food made in epipelagic is used there so only about 20% makes it to the mesopelagic zone. Mesopelagic zone is constantly short of food which is why there are fewer organisms in mesopelagic than in the epipelagic zone. This is also the zone where transition of the warmer surface waters in the epipelagic zone and the constant cold water temperature in the bathypelagic zone. This transition is can also be called a thermocline.As we go lower the temperature continues to drop, currently we are at 5 degrees. This means we have entered the bathypelagic zone. The pressure in this region is much greater than above. (Almost 5850 pounds per square inch) I noticed that the color of the fishes in this region is of a black or red, due to the extremely low light levels. They also have fewer photophores on them, on their heads and sides. The creatures of this region, has no need for developed or large eyes, their eyes are quite small or even absent. Since food is so scarce in the bathypelagic zone, the fish tend to be sluggish or hardly moving in order...

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