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This Is Me Essay

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It was the beginning of grade two when I had a new math teacher. Till today, I could still clearly remember her gorgeous face. However, it was her extreme way of teaching which thoroughly annoyed me. She gave the class an uncountable amount of homework at such an unnecessary stage--it was only grade two math. Moreover, the homework she gave was entirely superfluous. It was quite obvious that if I ignored the homework, I could possibly get satisfying on the test as well. Yet, she did have her own explanation of doing so, as she always repeated, "practice makes perfect." Driven by my oppressive revolt against her, I started not doing homework. As expected, I soon got caught by her. When she had soon discovered the fact that I was resisting the homework, she was unexpectedly calm, instead of what I thought of being furious. She then switched her tone a little bit, in a sort of way austereness, told me that if I did not finish my homework on time, I was not allowed to attend her class.There comes a time in every young person's life when a choice must be do the homework or not. I had not been confronted with this kind of situation before, which coincided with my immaturity of dealing with teachers. It's important to understand that the issue was not my incapability to do homework, but my weariness towards those countless but futile questions. I always felt confident that I could cope with tests easily without doing any of her homework. I knew that I would be a smashing success. Unfortunately, it was my idleness and conceitedness that overtook my deserved success.As my father later commented, I had to get over my pre-conceived notion that the amount of homework was too much for an elementary student. In the eyes of a father, especially in the...

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This bookreport is about the little prince and how this book relates to my mom and me

1196 words - 5 pages The Little Prince is my life time favorite book. Personally, I think The Little Prince is the epitome of book for both children and adults. Although this book is only one hundred pages long, I think the book has more meanings than any other books I have read thus far. My grandmother recommended me to read this book when I was only five years old. But when I was five, I could not understand why she made me read this particular book. On top of

I was required to writ about a place that is special to me. this essay is about Puerto Rico

1282 words - 5 pages , but in this situation, every room is used. In front, a painted iron gate opens to a small area where the air conditioning unit sits. Behind the gate a few feet is the front door. Inside, the ceramic tile floors, white walls, and splashes of colorful artwork present a peaceful free feeling. There are two tastefully decorated bedrooms, two baths, a living/dining room area, and a kitchen. The condo served as many things for me, a place to

Comparison essay between Margaret Atwood's "This is a Photograph of Me" and "Morning in the Burned House"

904 words - 4 pages Now You See Me, Now You Don'tIllusion is often mistaken for reality. Poet Margaret Atwood's poems, "This is a Photograph of Me" and "Morning in the Burned House" can be compared in terms of writing style, and theme. In "This is a Photograph of Me" Atwood writes using a combination of contrasting, irony, and symbolism, while in the poem "Morning in the Burned House" she uses irony, and symbolism in order to enhance the writing style and the

This is an essay on which i used color research to describe why my favorite colors are related to me

1005 words - 4 pages worse regardless I didn't think it was possible for any of my actions to affect the world as a whole. But after this class I realize that if I worked with the people around me as a community it does make a difference, even if it's not a noticeable one. If everyone worked to help the environment instead of contributing to the problem more people would see that it helps and start doing it too. People need to lead by example or nobody is ever going to see the big picture.

This is a college essay I wrote, which was also for an English class. It was overwhelming for me so this might help some people. Good luck

513 words - 2 pages The field of study that I'm going into is medicine. I would like to major in Pre-Med and then go on to a medical school or some other graduate program, like Tufts University. I've always wanted my career to be something that helps children in need. At first I just wanted to be a doctor. Then one day my little brother came home from school and told me that he doesn't like his teacher because she always yells at him. When he told me this I started

"When Chains Begin to Break." This is my second short story which also gained me a 'Very high achievement.' This story includes a good twist

1399 words - 6 pages press conference earlier this afternoon...I watched in disbelief as Darren's charismatic face filled the screen."My client is innocent, and today's decision proves this. It's good to see a witness admit her mistake before things became even more emotionally painful for those involved."I felt sick. Darren's words from that night when he thought he was alone in the office finally made sense to me, and I could no longer delude myself into believing

This is a description essay that I will be submitting this evening. Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated. Please excuse me for omitting true names

670 words - 3 pages . She'll be eleven this Thursday, and she still amazes me every single day, not only with her physical beauty, but also with her gracious, caring heart. She has turned into such a lovely, talented young lady who is so mature and selfless for someone so young. Each time I look at her I'm dazzled by her child-like glamour. But today, my mind keeps wondering back to an earlier time - a time when I thought there couldn't possibly be a child comparable to her. Then thoughtfully, as I close the treasured book once more, I realized that in my unbiased search for such a child, my second daughter was born - but that's another story.

This is an essay based on the novel "Bless Me Ultima." The essay overveiws all of Antonio's dreams throughout the novel. This essay is 4-pages long (double-spaced)

665 words - 3 pages Antonio's DreamsThrough out the novel, Bless Me, Ultima, Antonio has ten dreams that unconsciously helps him understand answers to many of his questions. Without these dreams, Antonio would be lost in the world that surrounds him. When Antonio meets Ultima, he dreams of her owl as being the Saint of the land. Although most people think of the owl as being associated with dark evil witches, this was a unique owl. This Owl represented the soul of

oppinions on writing. this is a funny essay about lies my teacher told me about writing I got an A- on it

542 words - 2 pages Lies my teacher told meAt some point during the lengthy, drug-induced coma that I sometimes refer to as "my high school years," I briefly regained consciousness and found myself eye-to-eye with what appeared to be a three-headed, English teaching dwarf. Before I could fall back into my customary stupor I realized that this evil shrieking dwarf would say anything to trick me into wasting what was left of my mind with books and reading and other

This is an essay regarding the book "Blees Me Ultima". It talks about Antonio's, the main character, internal and external conflicts

784 words - 3 pages Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya was published in 1972 in America. This book is of a young Mexican boy who is caught between internal and external conflicts. Antonio, the main character, changes as a results of inner conflicts, one is which is he a vaquero like his father the Marez or a farmer like his mother's brothers the Luna, and which god should he believe in the Golden Carp, the pagan god, or the Christian God. Antonio throughout the

My Best Friend- A descriptive essay; this was an essay for my eng101 class. this is a very descriptive essay about my husband josh, and what he looks like and means to me

725 words - 3 pages manicured goatee.          What I saw, was a broken tooth. A very tiny, short, yellowing, broken upper lateral tooth. Nice tooth, I remember thinking. Who could have known that tiny insignificant flaw was what made me take notice and start paying attention.         From his head to his toes, his butt to his nose, Josh is one good looking member of the male persuasion. He's the kind of man that stands out in a crowd. Blessed with

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