That "Romeo And Juliet" Is The Story Of A Faint Hearted, Melancholic Young Man Who Cannot Control His Emotions ...

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'"Romeo and Juliet" is the story of a faint-hearted, melancholic young man who cannot control his emotions.'Contrary to popular belief, the character of Romeo Montague from the play "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare, was not brave or courageous to sacrifice himself in the name of love. He was actually a faint-hearted and suicidal young man, who was unable to hold control over his emotions and often made drastic decisions without considering the consequences. Romeo was still pining for Rosaline when he laid eyes on Juliet, and was not yet ready to truly feel love. He often spoke of death and suicide, and there were many instances when he could not control himself.At the opening of the play, there was a melancholy Romeo, depressed because he had been left by his love, Rosaline, but later that very day, he saw Juliet, and fell instantly in love with her. Half a day is not sufficient time for a person to recover from a broken heart and fall in love again, therefore Romeo was faint-hearted and overemotional, and did not understand true feelings. Before Romeo had met Juliet, he was distressed over his loss of Rosaline, who he believed he loved:"For beauty starved with her severityCuts beauty off from all posterity.She is too fair, too wise, wisely too fair,To merit bliss by making me despair.She hath forsworn to love, and in that vowDo I live dead that live to tell it now."(Act 1, Scene 1: 216-221)How could strong feelings such as these have disappeared within twenty-four hours? After Romeo had first seen Juliet, he said "Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! / For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night." His emotion had transferred from self-pity over Rosaline to love for Juliet in less than a day, because he was faint-hearted and had no control of his emotions.Romeo's temper and out of control emotions contributed towards some of the most tragic elements of the play. As his heart fluttered between Juliet and Rosaline, he threw emotion around wildly, and often resorted to drastic measures. After Mercutio was killed, Romeo attacked Tybalt, to honour his friend. However, there was no need for him to actually kill Tybalt. This only happened because Romeo could not control his emotions. Another example of Romeo's impulsiveness is when he kills himself after finding Juliet's body. Phillis Rackin, author of "Shakespeare Tragedies," states " If Romeo's character does have a tragic flaw, it is it is youthful impetuosity; an older or more deliberate man might somehow have managed to avoid the quarrel and would not rush to kill himself as soon as he believed that Juliet was dead."The reason...

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1194 words - 5 pages will grief over Rosaline for the rest of his life; however, after going to the Capulet house for a party, he fell in “love” again with—this time to a different young lady—Juliet. In real, rational love, it is extremely difficult for one to forget about their partner making it intricate to “move on” throughout the course of one night; falling in love with another person in that same night is nearing impossible. In the play, Romeo did exactly this

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