That Special Night A Fairy Tale Essay

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"What are you thinking about?" Mike asked me while staring into my eyes. His hands rested softly on the small of my back, and mine were around his neck. We slowly swayed to the sound of The Dance by Garth Brooks. I gave him a smile, and I don't think he minded me not answering him, because as I lay my head on his shoulder he held me even tighter. The sweet smell of cologne mixed with a hint of hair gel invaded my nostrils, and the smooth texture of his shirt rubbed against my cheek. Looking sideways, I could make out groups of people at various tables, and the music just barely drowned out their voices to a low murmuring. Lawrence and I had just met once before that night, but it felt like we knew each other forever."Can't you sit still?" My Mom hissed at me during the church ceremony. My best friend Jill's formal party for her 16th birthday started in merely an hour and a half, and my mother wanted me to sit still, who was she kidding? "I am sitting still!" I hissed back at her even though my feet shook so badly that they seemed to have a mind of their own. Not only was I excited about the party itself, but I also couldn't wait to see the people who would be there. In particular, I couldn't wait to see Jill's cousin Mike, who I had last seen in April the year before. Although February now, I wondered if he was still the same sweet, funny, and good looking guy I remembered. I would be in for a pleasant surprise later on that night, when I would find out that he was all that and more.When my Mom and I got to the Knights of Columbus Hall, the location of the bash, I ran inside so fast that I almost fell.I wore an asymmetrical purple dress with beaded straps, and my mother's friend had done my hair the night before. "Oh my gosh, you look great!" Jill exclaimed as I handed her a gift. It looked so beautiful inside. White rose displays decorated the walls, with soft pink lighting and tons of people. After all the Hi's, how are you's, and how have you been's, a big group of us girls hit the dance floor. I remember the first song played was a cumbia, and I began to dance in a line with about five other people. All of a sudden, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I slowly turned around and gasped. He wore a plaid shirt with khaki pants and nice black shoes. His hair was little spiky, and he looked just as excited to see me as I was to see him! "Dana!" he shouted while giving me a huge hug. "How are you?" Grinning from ear to ear, I said, "I'm great now! How have you been?" "Pretty good," he answered. "I've been a little busy with school, but it's all good! So you want to dance or what?" The first few songs were more cumbias. The other couples dancing did fancy twists and twirls, but when we tried it, our arms always got tangled up. I silently thanked my dad for giving me the famous "no rhythm" gene."So much for that!" Mike laughed."Hey I'll get the hang of it!" I joked back.Even though I never really did get the hang of the fancy stuff, we quickly became some...

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1162 words - 5 pages marriage.Jacinta was worried for her brother, but she did not let herself be intimidated and showed no relenting to the evil prince's demand. Jacinta knew that the castle was well guarded and rescue would be impossible without being seen or overpowered so she decided to ask the Lady of the Wood for advice and aid.The Lady of the Wood thought long and hard and finally told Jacinta of a legend she had heard long ago, about a beautiful blood-red flower with a

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That Special Night A Fairy Tale Essay

1252 words - 5 pages of his shirt rubbed against my cheek. Looking sideways, I could make out groups of people at various tables, and the music just barely drowned out their voices to a low murmuring. Mike and I had just met once before that night, but it felt like we knew each other forever."Can't you sit still?" My Mom hissed at me during the church ceremony. My best friend Jill's formal party for her 16th birthday started in merely an hour and a half, and my

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