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This summer is about two ‘new kids’ moving in the neighborhood and becoming new friends with Lily, Izzabella, Niall, and Jeff. These kids who already lived here in Malibu, California were attracted to these new kids from there joyfulness, love, and kindness, and later on they all became very good friends.
It was early in the afternoon when Lily and her friends, Niall, Izzabella, and Jeff were coming back from the beach. “Hey why don’t we go to the park later?” suggested Lily. “OK” they all said, “Lets meet there at 6” said Izzabella. “Alright see you then” Niall said. When Niall and Jeff were home Lily and Izzabella were walking towards there house when they seen kids around there age ...view middle of the document...

“We actually have a question for you?” Izzabella said. “Would you like to come to the park with us and meet the rest our group?” Lily asked. “Can we mom please?” begged Leona. “Yes go ahead” “Ok sounds great we’ll come and knock on the door at 5:45.” “Ok sounds great thank you we’ll see you soon!” Leona said once again.
Later on Lily and Izzabella were getting ready at Lily’s house and Lily couldn’t decide what to wear, “Izzabella,” she whined “I need your help I don’t know what shorts to wear with my shirt!” she still whined. “Wear the white ones and come on we’re going to be late because of you!” Izzabella said fake whining which caused Lily to laugh. “Ok ready now let’s go!” and they went to go get the twins.
When they got the twins and started heading to the park Lily whispered to Izzabella, “What do think Jeff will say about Leona he was staring at her the whole time until he got to her house.” “I don’t know do you think he’ll fancy her later when he gets to know her better?” “I don’t know,” and then they got to the park.
When they got there Jeff and Niall were already there. “Guys this is Leona and Zayn and this is Niall with the blonde hair and Jeff with the brown hair.” Izzabella said. “Hi nice to meet you!” said Niall, “Nice to meet you too!” Leona said. “Come sit down we don’t bite!” said Jeff. When they sat Niall said, “So what do you guys like to do? Like do you play sports?” “Yes, Zayn plays basketball, football and runs track, and I play volleyball, basketball, soccer and run track!” “Jeez do you ever get tired?” asked Jeff. “No not really I just like to be active.”
“Hey do wanna race?” asked Niall “You see Niall is the fastest kid on the block and, wait which one of you is faster?” Lily asked. “I am,” said Leona. “You should race Niall, he is the fastest one here and we really need someone to beat him!” said Jeff. “Ok Zayn do you want to race him or do you want me to race him?” “You can.” “Ok sounds good, so where are we racing to?” “Let’s race to the fence down there.” “Ok” While walking to a line they happened to find Leona was putting her hair up in a pony-tail when Niall said, “Your hair is really long do you ever cut it?” “Yes, I do are you ready?” “Yes” “Ok on your mark, get set, GO” screamed Lily and off they went.
It didn’t take long for Leona to beat Niall and Zayn sat with a smirk on his face the whole time knowing his sister was going to beat Niall. “How is your sister that fast I swear that’s not even possible” said Izzabella. “Does you or your sister ever loose in her races?” Lily asked. “No” Zayn simply replied.
When it was starting to get dark Lily said, “Why don’t you guys come to the beach with us tomorrow.” “Ok!” Leona and Zayn replied at the same time and everyone laughed. When Niall and Jeff were at home, Zayn and Izzabella were talking in front of Lily and Leona and they were talking as well. “Hey Leona do you think your mom would mind if you came over to stay the night?” “I don’t think so but I’ll go ask.”...

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