What Was Not Great About The Great War

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The Great War
Was it Actually Great?
When you hear the word “great” you think well that sounds like it should be associated with some sort of happy term so to speak. But if you hear that same word associated with the word war it makes you wonder does it have a different meaning that maybe I am not aware of. Well the truth is yes you do think differently. The Great War, which is also known as World War 1, has a totally different definition. There was absolutely nothing great about it unless you count different countries coming together to go to war with other countries that form allies. What first initiated or triggered the war to occur? So what were the causes of the war? And what are some long term effects of the war that had an after lasting effect on all the countries that were involved. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand triggered the World War I. The long term effects of World War I was imperialism, alliance systems, and financial situations.
The event that triggered World War I was the fact that Archduke Ferdinand heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne was wanting to create the triple monarchy. There was already a double monarchy in place which included Austria and Hungary and he wanted to add Serbia to the mix. However, the Serbs did not want that they wanted Serbia to become an independent state all on their own. So the Serbians thought that they would take matters into their own hands so they came up with a plan to assassinate Archduke Ferdinand. The Serbs figured if they assassinated the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne then if there was not an heir to the throne then they would not become a part of the triple monarchy.
Austria started thinking that Serbia was responsible for the assassination, but they had no prove that Serbia was responsible for the assassination. The Austrian leaders really wanted to make and prove a point to the Serbs. On July 23, the Austrians issued an ultimatum to the Serbian government. Luckily for the Austrian government the Serbian government accepted all of the ultimatum except for one part. So what part did they not accept? Well they did not accept the part of the ultimatum that said that the Austrian officials could take part in the Serbian investigation of who was connected to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. So as we all know that is not good. So we know for certain that the Serbs are responsible, but it does not look like they are going to take responsibility for partaking in such a vicious crime. So what happened next? Well as you could imagine the Austrian government was not happy at all for their noncooperation of such a hasty crime that they decided to do the next best thing which was declare war on Serbia.
At this point in time, we know there is going to be a war but who is going to side with who. When the war was declared politicians and generals knew that there was going to be two factors that had a helping hand in the events that were going to occur. The factors were the...

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