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What Was Wrong With The Holocaust

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What was wrong with the Holocaust?
We can spend hours upon hours, days after days if we want to just talk about what was wrong with the holocaust. We all understand that the holocaust was all about the slaughtering of the Jews. But what most people do not understand about the holocaust was the fact that who performed the killing, or why they did the killing. But understanding the holocaust is all about knowing who did the killing, and why they did the killing. We also need to understand the consequences, and punishment if you did not perform the killing if you are been asked to do it. It is clear that the holocaust is one of the world’s most devastating genocide in history of mankind.
What was wrong with the Holocaust?
Christopher Browning and Elie Wiesel both looked at the holocaust from two different points of views. They both had the opportunity to explain this horrible even from two different significant experiences of the victims.
In his book, “Ordinary men,” Browning examines the police me who committed, or performed the killing. First he explain to the readers that this men just ordinary people, but coming to think of it, what made this ordinary people perform the first massacred. Browning explain to us that this men were not chosen individual, nor were they chosen because of a particular reason. The reserve police battalion were first assigned to massacre the Jews, but after that, they were assigned to clear the Jews ghettos and drive the residents onto trains that they would be transported to the extermination camps. But he made us understand that the police battalion who committed this massacre had the opportunity not to do it when Trapp, their commander said, “If any of you older men among them did not feel up to the task that lay before him, he could step out” (Browning 2), this explain that even the commander did not want to carry out this order, but since the order was from higher authority, he had to carry it out.
Browning explain that even with the offer given by Trapp, only 10- 20 percent to the battalion stepped out. When we ask ourselves what really men this men not to leave after they found out what they had to do. Browning elucidate that after their first massacre committed by the battalion, and with the other assignments given to them, some of the police became increasingly use to the killing, and they even started to volunteer for assignments. Some of them decided to continue with this killing, because of the fear of isolation from the group of men they saw as comrades this whole time. While some were afraid of their career in the police force so they believed they just had to they killing.
Browning emphasizes on the men who did the killing during this time and their consequences endured by the men if they did not commit the killing. At the same time, he explain that they were no consequences on the men who refused to do this massacre. Wiesel beings his book “Night” with a twelve years old boy by name Eliezer...

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