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The 1780s Was A Critical, Developmental, And Perhaps The Most

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The 1780s was a critical, developmental, and perhaps the most influential period for early American government. During this time the Founding Fathers of our country desperately created a Constitution to form a framework for an effective government. But what are the responsibilities and results that must take place to make a government successful. By definition effective means to have an effect, making a striking impression, or equipped and ready for combat. To determine whether or not the Articles of Confederation provided an effective government one must evaluate the times before the Articles, during the Articles, and after the Articles took ...view middle of the document...

A committee appointed by Congress wrote the articles. Through the four years that it took to make the Articles final, the colonies experienced a satisfaction of independence. The Articles gave the colonies their own responsibilities and enforced the guidelines of old charters of landed states. It gave the needed authority and power to the states to perform tasks needed to direct a new country. The period after the Articles of Confederation began to illustrate it's weaknesses. The Articles became less effective because the states had too much power. The different ways they were being governed started to break the country down as a nation. The Articles did not allow the federal government to tax or regulate trade. This, along with it's lack of acknowledgement to citizen's rights, started to cause chaos throughout the nation. As the years passed, the citizens felt that their needs were not the primary focus and the Articles needed restoration. As you can see, the Articles of Confederation was influential to early American government. It was the first attempt of the Founding Leaders of our country at self-government. Looking at the time before the Articles, it can be said that they were much needed. And once authorized, they proved to be the efficient form of government that America needed. Although time proved that it had weaknesses, the Articles of Confederation did provide America with an effective form of government.

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