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The World Series is the annual championship series of North American based Major League Baseball. This is a series of seven games played every year at the end of the season between the single best team from both the National and American League. There are 30 overall teams in Major League Baseball; 14 in the American League and 16 in the National League. The two teams that go to the World Series are decided based on who does the best and wins the after season playoffs.
The 1919 World Series was a significant one in that it was the first World Series ever thrown. It was a best of 9 game series and it had a major influence on the rules of the Major League Baseball.
Eight of the White Sox players were bribed in order for them to throw the game. The players involved were: Eddie Cicotte and Claude Williams (pitchers), Joe Jackson and Oscar Felsch (outfielders), Arnold Gandil (first baseman), Fred Mcmullin (reserve infielder), Charles Risberg (Shortstop), and Buck Weaver (third baseman). After losing the first two games, the players had not received the money in full so they persuaded the gamblers to pay them in full by threatening that they would start trying if they did not receive their money in full. Before game four was played, the eight players were paid the remainder of the money they were due and threw the game. (Enders)
The World Series that year was made to be a best of 9 series, as the war had just ended there was a peaked interest in the World Series. The eight players knew they had to make the game interesting as they took game three with a score of 3-0. They then let the Reds take games four and five with back to back shutouts. A 5 to 1 victory would look really suspicions as they were favored by a lot in the polls before the World Series. Games six and seven were won by the White Soxs in an effort to make the World Series look truthful. The Chicago White Soxs let the Reds take game eight and win the World Series. Due to the closeness of the games in the World Series, most people thought nothing of it. (MLB)
However, the...

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