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The 1990's America's Decades Essay

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The 1990'sAmerica's DecadesStuart A. Kallen, Book EditorDavid L. Bender, Publisher2000 Greenhaven Press, Inc., San Diego, CaliforniaAfter reading a book "The 1990's America's Decades" I realized how much I did not know about history of only one decade. So many things happened in 1990's from politics to science and technology, which has significantly impacted twentieth century. Chronological outline of 1990's is the essence of this great book and it precisely breaking each event to the smallest details chapter-by-chapter, event-by-event. This book talks about many face values and pure facts that have appeared in 1990's. The year of 1990 began by President Saddam Hussein ordering Iraqi troops to invade the small, oil rich country Kuwait. In August 1990 mission called Operation Desert Shield starts, tens of thousands of United States soldiers deployed to Saudi Arabia to prepare to fight Iraqi in order to regain Kuwait's independence. On January 16, 1991 an international coalition of allied air forces led by the United States begins massive bombing of Iraq officially starting the Golf War, which lasted for forty-three days. The Gulf War officially ended on February 28, 1991. This was the shortest and most efficient war in history. Kuwait's independence regained, but Saddam Hussein remains president of Iraq. As a great example and political figure President Bill Clinton, democrat was elected on November 2, 1992. He was a good politician, but he had his weaknesses, such as, women. This weakness leads to impeachment of President Bill Clinton. Millions of Americans, which were thinking that President's affair with a White House intern Monica Lewinsky would push him out of the office. Rather, Bill Clinton's high record approvals lead to his reelection and he remained United States President for one more term.The fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War also happened during this decade. This brings the end to long forty-five years of suffering by people under communism's hat. People celebrated their first Christmas after many years of communist nightmare. People were not afraid any more to say two powerful words that they were not able to speak out for many years:" freedom and democracy". Many tragical events happened, such as, mass destruction in Kosovo that killed thousands and 1.5 million Kosovars were driven from their homes creating second massive immigration since World War II or the antigovernment American militia movement planted a car bomb near Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, which ripped a nine story whole in the building killing 168 people and injuring many others.But it was not all tragical in this decade, science and technology skyrocketed such as instant communication across cyberspace which allowed people to communicate with anyone in the world, internet shopping, listening to any kind of music they like, planning vacations, and even online schooling with virtual classrooms, all...

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