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The 2008 Olympic Games Bring China More Benefit Or Not?

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In 2008, Beijing successfully held the Olympic Games. Although some people assert that the 2008 Olympics cannot promote people's lives, I think Olympics indeed have improved the lives of people in China.A few people hold that the 2008 Olympics could not bring economic growth to Chinese. They think only during the Olympic Games China appeared “economic bonus”, but after Olympics economic depression will be come. This opinion is too unilateral to prove the argument. Before Beijing Olympic Games, President Rogge of the International Olympic Committee said:” Beijing Olympic Games has given us a key to well know the rapid development of China in recent years." This can prove the Olympic Games bring a wealth of business opportunities to China. Whatever, Chinese economy does not fall into a slump when this driving force expires. Additionally, some strong investments after the Beijing Olympics keep Chinese economy growing rapidly. Just like China Economic Net reported:” The number of tourists visiting Beijing's Olympic Halls from outside Beijing City and enjoying the post-Olympic atmosphere gradually increases after the Olympic Games”.Secondly, the transportation system is being improved. However some people hold the opinion that because the Olympics transportation has been limited by the government. Everyday some cars cannot drive out according to day one of 'odd-even' traffic. In fact, it is a good way to control the traffic problems. There are some measures make the transportation more convenient for people to go out. For instance, day one of 'odd-even' traffic reduces the traffic jams effectively. The 2008 Olympic Games Official Website demonstrates that many people have already been accustomed to the new regulations and these regulations are changing the way of Beijing residents live their lives. Furthermore, this activity makes car owners not often use...

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