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The 2014 Masters Essay

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The Masters in Augusta, Georgia is often looked at as the pinnacle golf course in the United States. Famous for its traps, water hazards and until recently its landscaping, the Masters is one of golf’s most celebrated tournaments. On the heels of the three-day tournament, there was one major tragedy. After decades of guarding the dogleg on one hole, the Eisenhower had to be cut down because of extensive damage. An ice storm had wreaked havoc in Georgia and killed the famous tree. In addition to the changes in landscaping, on ESPN, several avid golf fans noted the increase in prize money award to golfers 1-50, with the top prize going up to 1.62 million, up 200,000 from last year. The action began on Thursday and ended with a playoff on Sunday.
As Thursday opened up and the tournament began, the scores came in impressively enough. Bill Haas led the first day with an impressive five under par and the outright lead, only bogeying the ...view middle of the document...

Rory McIlroy, who sat comfortably after the first eighteen seemed to simply collapse as his round went on. Rory was one of the favorite leading into the week, but the 24 year-old simply faded into irrelevancy as his score continued to climb. His score was so high that he needed a tough putt on the eighteen to stay in below the cut. Some notable people left the tournament early, including Mickelson, Garcia, Dufner, and Zach Johnson; none made the cut to continue into the weekend.
As the third day came to a close, it was still anyone’s guess as to who could win. While Watson was still in the lead, several people were poised to make a Sunday surprise run against Watson. One of the golfers who had the potential, was twenty year old Speith, who had made it to the final group. He was hitting the ball impressively down range and looking like an experienced pro. Another major story from the day was Jimenez making a huge surge, shooting an impressive 66, or six under par. His round was historic. He tied the record for the lowest score shot by a player who was fifty or older. Jimenez has had success in the past year, wining the UBS Hong Kong Open last year. Unfortunately, for Scott, he folded on the third day. While paired with Speith, his momentum immediately crumbled and he could never seem to get his groove back. He shot a 76, four over, and set himself outside of contention for the green jacket on Sunday.
As the final day came to an end, Bubba Watson pulled off the victory. Even though it was incredibly close between Watson and Speith, until the eighth and ninth holes when Spieth bogeyed while Watson birdied. Speith has an amazing run in the final run. History would have been made if Spieth would have won the jacket. Speith, at the young age of 20, would have been the youngest to win the tournament and the first one to win it in a player’s first attempt in over 30 years. Instead, Watson, who won the championship two years ago, won it again. Watson, who has never had a golf lesson in his life, and came from very humble beginnings was ecstatic. Watson famously, later that night, celebrated his victory at a Waffle House with his family. The picture made the rounds on social media, making it a top story the next day.

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