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The 25 U Soldier In A Mobilized Army: Job Of The Signal Support Systems Specialist

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The 25U Soldier’s job title is Signal Support Systems Specialist. Some of that Soldier’s job duties may include: installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting signal support equipment, radio systems, and data distribution systems; provides technical support and training for users. A Noncommissioned Officer’s (NCO) duties may include: supervising, installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting signal support systems, radio systems, and battlefield automated systems; provides training and unit technical assistance; prepares maintenance and supply requests. After several years, assuming promotion and potential, your job title may change to Forward Signal Support NCO, Senior Communications Sergeant and so on. In the U.S. Army, you are required to do your military occupational specialty (MOS) and your duties as a Soldier. Thus, this is noticeable as a mobilized Soldier.
Maintaining communication equipment involves cleaning, performing function checks, and keeping an accurate inventory of items. To clean a piece of radio equipment like a vehicular antenna, you would use a wire brush to clean the connectors to remove any debris. Cleaning a hand mike for your radio in combat often means using your own saliva and any type of cloth. It would be important to perform function checks of your radio so that you know it works before you leave for patrols. To complete a function check of a radio, you would turn a knob to self-test and make sure you can read “Good” on the radio’s display. After the function check, you would do a radio check with your company and battalion to ensure that you can communicate a reasonable distance away, which in combat would be up to forty kilometers. When doing an inventory of items, you would count all items that you have on hand, and then refer to hand receipt forms and turn-in forms. Hand-receipt forms are used when someone signs an item out for use, and turn-in forms are used when an item needs calibration or repair. Generally, maintenance should be fairly easy for common users.
Troubleshooting communication equipment is concerned with what is not working. Suppose your hand mike does not work. The easiest way to fix that would be to check the connections on the hand mike and radio to make sure they are both clean. If not, then clean it with a non-toxic solution if you have the time. If that does not work, then change out the old hand mike with a working one. If it still does not work, then it is most likely a damaged radio connector so the radio needs changed out and turned into communications support. Same thing goes with the vehicular antenna. You would check the connections for cleanliness, then work your way back to the radio. But suppose there is no power to the radio. You would check to make sure the power is turned on, that the vehicle has power, and the connections to the vehicle battery terminals are properly secured. This means you have to have basic electrical knowledge in order to...

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