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The 3 Kings Of The Renaissance Art World

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The 3 kings of ArtOur three works of art for this group project consist of Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper", Michelangelo's "David", and Raphael's "School of Athens". The three artist chosen possess some of the greatest artistic skills during the Renaissance period. Each different artist brings a certain style to the table of the art world, and each was influenced by one another. Leonardo was the first on the scene of Florence Italy, followed by Michelangelo, and finally Raphael. When looking at the works of Raphael the style of both predecessors is visible and present in the works. As history would advance so did the quality of art, art changed over to a more geometrical, linear perspective style of work. This allowed for more depth and color, the value of this is creating the illusion of size. The texture included in the works had an impact on the quality of the art, the lines are smooth and flowing, no longer were the lines rigid and non-conforming. The hair of the subject took on an almost angelic fineness. The subjects of the works were able to express a point and communicate the ideas behind the work. During the Renaissance period, which means "rebirth", the art world visualized more of the readings and brought to life the humanities and philosophies of the time.The first work of art to look at is "The Last Supper", this is a painting by the great Leonardo da Vinci during the period considered the High Renaissance. This painting has many visual elements such as balance, point, color, and texture. The balance coming from the flowing lines of the characters. The pivot able point of the painting if having the Lord Jesus Christ at the center of the work, his character is the only figure which is not overlapped by another. The character is silhouetted against an open window in the background, this brings more clarity to the person and allow him to stand out more. The arrangement of the characters is set out by the Bible, and depicts events which are said to be the last days of Christ. This is one-point linear perspective which allows the focus of the painting to be on Christ and achieves the desired result. The use of contrasting brings highlight to his character, but does not upset the balance of the rest of the work. Proportionally speaking the characters are laid out and evenly spaced to allow the size of the work to accomplish the desired task. The painting was placed on a dining hall wall and was designed to give the look of more depth and size to the hall.The next work of art moves us to Michelangelo, this artist preferred a different medium to use in the making of an object, he chose to use marble. One of the most famous of his works is the work called "David". This mammoth work stood over 13 feet tall, and started from a 16 foot tall piece of marble which was taken from the quarry more than 40 years prior to the work being started. The political expression at the time stood for the freedom of Florence, this focal point has long...

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