The Three Pillars Of Intellectual Property

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The three pillars of intellectual property are the structural capital, human capital and the relational capital.

Structural Capital
The structural capital has been defined as supportive infrastructure, processes and databases of an organization which enables the human capital to function. It is usually subdivided into organizational, process and innovation capital.
In any educational institution, the organizational capital, which is the philosophy of the organization, guides the functions of all the staff of the institution. For example, the philosophy of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) is to remove all factors hindering the access of the citizens of Nigeria to education. Accessibility to education informs the establishment of special study centers for the Nigerian Army, Navy, Air Force and Prisons. Apart from this, it also dictates the overall plan and actions of the university. Process capital includes the techniques, procedures and programs that implement and enhance the delivery of goods and services. For every educational institution, their service is the delivery of educational programs. In NOUN, the process capital would include all the process through which course materials as well as Continuous Assessment and examinations are delivered to the students and the result is given to the students. Innovational Capital would include all the course materials written by the staff and other experts outside the institution, which are covered by copyright laws. Also because NOUN has an investment outfit that produce bottled water, the trademark of the water that is registered with the regulatory authorities would also be classed here. In summary, the structural capital enables the smooth running of the vision and mission of the educational institution.

Human Capital
Through human capital, NOUN, like every other educational institution produces its course (program) designs to make it marketable in a competitive environment, write and deliver course materials and also maintain a versatile Information technology outfit that houses the students’ profiles, records of grades and deliver examinations.

Relational Capital
It has to be understood that the customers of the educational institution is not limited to the students alone but also the government and the regulatory authorities. Through good relationship with its customers, educational institutions may be able to attract grants from the government and also draw many people from the population. This can be achieved when the staff of the institution has good relations with the students and the other members of its public.


Social Capital for NOUN includes the cooperation the...

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