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The Three Stooges

As much as everyone loved the antics of the Three Stooges on stage, their real lives were not nearly as funny as their characters on-stage. Though for twenty-four years, people laughed at the antics of Larry, Moe and Curly [Side Note: Shemp was the brother of Curly and Moe], they weren't the same people in their day-to-day lives off-screen. Three men originally know for slapstick comedy, with a touch of violence that made the mix irresistible (Three Stooges, EB). Though many know the Stooges from their TV show, not many have wondered;"What is really behind them?" All of the Stooges had their share of problems, but also a history that few knew behind them, and personalities no one could possibly see through their act. Whether or not these histories were good, they were either conquered, or conquered the boys.

The Stooges social lives were much different than the roles they played on television and on the stage, each one having their own individual personality, and their share of "defects." Each Stooge had hardships as well as good times, some greater than others. Through all that happened though, the boys stayed together even though all their problems met. Even with the problems the Stooges had, they all seemed fairly happy to the public.

Larry was a man whom was very social, and Larry was said to have surrounded himself with friends, never being alone at a party or special gathering which always gave a feeling of friendliness around him. As friendly as he was, he was said to be a bit of a man who could never say "No", and was very agreeable in any matter. He was said to never really disagree with anyone, never wanting to start arguments or cause anyone else to be uncomfortable. Larry also was known for always being late. He was said to always an excuse for being late, which made many people believe he was not interested in acting. On many occasions, Larry was nothing more than forgetful, letting other things occupy his mind while he had important appointments that needed to be tended to (Wiki "Larry Fine Bio"). Another thing about Larry's character was that he always provided reason to the voice of any conversations, often being the one who acted as the middleman for the Stooges, though his financial skills were horrible. The Stooges money was often managed by Moe, because Larry was horrible at saving. (Wiki "Larry Fine Bio").

Moe, the leader of the Stooges group, was an intellectual man, carrying a love for learning and theatre. Moe hada talent for memorizing from a young age, and often memorized more plays and acts than actual schoolwork. His school grades suffered because of this, but Moe's love of theatre never disappeared (Wiki "Moe Howard" Bio). Being the only one in the Stooge trio that seemed to be any good at handling money, Moe took care of the Stooges finances, for the most part. Moe was very conservative about money...

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