The Three Strangers By Thomas Hardy And The Darkness Out There By Penelope Lively

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Explore the themes of justace and things not being as they seem in The
three Strangers by Thomas Hardy and The Darkness out there by Penelope

Explore the themes of injustice and things not being as they seem in 'The
Three Strangers' (Thomas Hardy) and 'The Darkness out There' (Penelope Lively)

'The Three Strangers' is a pre 20th century story that was written in
1883 but set in 1820. 'The Darkness Out There' was written in 1970.
From the titles of the stories we assume they would be a mystery or
horror story. We think this because the word 'darkness' is used and
this gives you the idea that it is a horror. The 'Three Strangers'
makes it seem mysterious, because they are people you don't know and
there are three of them, this makes them seem overpowering because of
the number of them.

The similarities that happen in the two stories are the characters
that are introduced seem as if they are the villain at first but then
they turn out to be the hero of the story. Kerry in 'The Darkness Out
There' and Timothy Summers (first stranger) in the 'Three Strangers'
both fit in with the part of being misjudged. In the stories there are
some parts which are similar. In 'The Darkness Out There' the German
pilot was killed, and in 'The Three Strangers' Timothy Summers was
almost killed by the executioner for stealing a sheep. Both stories
have similarities in the way they are written. They have been written
so that the reader makes a mistake in thinking that one of the
characters is bad when they are really the hero of the story.

'The Three Strangers' was set in 1820 in a place, Thomas Hardy made up
called Wessex. The setting was out on the moors in the cold, wind and
rain, there was a very secluded and desolate house called Higher
Crowstairs this was about five miles of rocky moor land away from the
town of Casterbridge. In 'The Darkness Out There' we assume it is set
in the 1960's because the story is telling the tale of an old lady Mrs
Rutter, who is talking about her past (about 25years before) and there
is the German pilot that had been shot down. The story is set around a
wood called Packers End, but it is also set around a cottage that lies
next to Packers End.

The only other similarity in the two stories is that they are both set
around a cottage otherwise there seem to be no other similarities
between the stories. The writers have chosen these settings because
they have a dark and mysterious feel to them, even though in 'The
Darkness Out There' it starts with Sandra, the girl in it, walking on
a hot day through a field with flowers around her and the wind blowing
in her hair, but then she gets to the wood and immediately it becomes
more of a spooky setting. In 'The Three Strangers' you can see
straight away that the setting is mysterious because it is misty rainy
and windy and these combined give the feeling of an eerie setting.

In both stories there is a character that is introduced...

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