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The 5 Best Decisions The Beatles Ever Made

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This book report is written to examine the five best decisions the Beatles ever made, and to re-introduce them as the five Beatles principles for success. I analyzed and paraphrased each chapter; then added additional supporting documentation from other references to help substantiate and collaborate the principles into a relevant business document. You need clear set guidelines to effectively establish yourself as a business leader, as well as establish yourself as a leader outside of the workplace. You will find that the Beatles principles can be applied to any business organization, or to yourself, as guidelines to achieve success in business and in life.
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The ability to successfully work with others and share the credit demonstrates your interest in everyone’s success, and others will want to team up with you on future projects (Villano, 2007).
A Single, Shared Vision
Beatles principle #2 teaches us that by setting a clear shared vision, there is no uncertainty of your objective. The book uses the example of the Beatles wanting to be “bigger than Elvis” and “to the toppermost of the poppermost” (Stainton, 2008). In an article for the Harvard Business Review, vision is defined as the “attribute that most distinguishes leaders for non-leaders” (Kouzes & Posner, 2009). The article further discusses how good leaders habitually look ahead of their current project, to try and foresee what events are up ahead, and plan accordingly.
The Beatles not only had a single, shared vision, but they kept the vision simple. Being “bigger than Elvis” wasn’t an easy task to accomplish, but a simple vision (Stainton, 2008). I am sure you have seen and hear the acronym “KISS” by now, it means Keep It Simple Stupid or Sweetie”, which is a great example to apply to you vision. Most corporate vision statements are several sentences or paragraphs long, detailing exactly how the organization was going to achieve this vision or mission statement. How many employees can remember their organizations lengthy mission statements, and understand exactly what they need to execute in aid of this vision or mission statement? Dr. David Vik suggests that companies should follow the “KISS” example when constructing a mission statement. Vik suggests that by using the “KISS” example, employees will more easily understand the vision, and be inspired to work towards the goal of achieving the mission (Vik, 2013).
Play to Your Strengths
Beatles principle #3 teaches us that playing to our strengths is paramount in overcoming our weaknesses; that far too often we focus on our weaknesses, instead of taking advantage of our strengths. The book demonstrates how the Beatles were offered a sure hit single, but turned it down because it wasn’t an original, and their greatest strength was writing songs. Instead of taking the easy road to success, and accepting a sure thing, the Beatles decided that by playing to their strengths, and writing original music, they would set themselves apart from what they referred to as “cookie-cutter” bands, playing “cookie-cutter” songs (Stainton, 2008).
In an article for Forbes, Paul Brown discusses how he overcame being the self proclaimed “world’s worst boss”, by focusing not on improving his weaknesses, but by playing to his strengths. Brown’s article discusses how a colleague of his practices a “find a Yin for your Yang” technique, where he advocates focusing attention on what he does well instead of trying to overcompensate for his sort-comings. Brown further goes on to state that he believes focusing your attention to areas only in which you excel should be your sole focus. Brown’s...

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