The 5 People You Meet In Heaven

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you meet in heaven
                Mitch Albom

     Eddie, an 83 year old war veteran who spends his days and nights fixing rides at Ruby Pier, has been through a lot of ups and downs in his life. From having a rough child hood with his father, to meeting the girl of his dreams, Marguerite, to fighting in world war 2 and totally messing up his leg, to coming home to Marguerite and living his life with no kids, just Marguerite and Ruby Pier, to his 83rd birthday..
     It’s just another day at Ruby Pier. Pretty much the same as it’s always been since he was a kid. Well, except for the rides, it’s all new technology now a days. Anyways.. Eddie’s always had Ruby Pier in his life, from when he was little to playing there, to having his father work there, to Eddie working there as a teenager, to now. So it’s just like any other day at the sea side amusement park, Eddie’s there to open the park up, test all the rides to make sure they’re working properly, waits for the kids to come, then lingers around the park all day, making animals out of pipe cleaners for the kids, picking up, and working at the rids until it’s time to close up. But today, is a bit different then any other day. A warm, sunny afternoon interrupted by the sounds of “OH my god look! OH MY GOD those people are gonna fall!” Eddie turned his head towards Ruby Park’s newest ride, Freddy’s free fall. And high in the sky he sees the cart dangling from a few cables, and three people holding on to the bar. A million thoughts rushed to Eddie’s mind at once. How could the cables brake? Why did the cart go off the tracks? How are we going to get the people down? He had to react fast, he got Willie, one of the workers, to get a ladder and get the people off the ladder. Meanwhile Eddie was trying to find a way to get the cart back in place. His first idea was to pop the safety release. He instructed Willie to do so. Then Eddie got thinking.. ‘The cable is unraveling..’ if the safety release is hit, the cart is going to come crashing to the ground. “DON’T RELEASE THE CART! IT’LL SNAP!!!!!” “ WILLIE STOP! NO NO DON’T!” Too late. “EVERYONE GET BACK! HURRY!” Eddie tried to warn everyone that the cart was about to come crashing down where the crowd was standing, but there was one little girl he had made a animal out of a pipe cleaner for earlier who was standing there frozen watching the cart dangling from the ride, crack. The Cable broke, and the carts gonna hit the little girl. Eddie flew towards the little girl; he felt her little hands, then nothing. A flash of light, a big impact, then .. Nothing.
     The rest of the book is about Eddie’s journey through heaven, meeting the five people who have made an impact on Eddie’s life in one way or another. “Everything happens for a reason”. I think we...

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