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The 5 Things You Must Know About Rotator Cuff Surgery: Before, During And After

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Having a torn rotator cuff is extremely painful. It will interfere with daily routines often times to the point of preventing you from being able to do normal everyday chores. There are treatments available for damage, however, if all other treatments have failed to work or if your physician has recommended surgery to repair the tear there are important facts you should know prior to having the surgery.

First, is recognizing certain symptoms alerting you surgery is necessary. If you have pain that it constant especially when raising your arm over your head, problems sleeping on the side that is hurting, when lifting your arm you notice weakness in your muscles, and when you move your arm you hear sounds from the shoulder area such as a grinding sound.

Second, surgery is usually recommended if the injury is severe and additional damage will occur if the surgery is not completed, the pain has become severe enough to prevent you from doing daily activities, all non surgery treatments have failed and if the damage was done due to an unforeseen accident such as a dislocated shoulder.

Third is to prepare yourself for the surgery. You will be required to take time off work until the surgeon thinks you are ready to return, in most cases it is several weeks depending on the type of work you do. There will be tests done prior to the surgery to determine if you are healthy enough for the surgery and to determine the extent of the surgery involved. You usually will not have to check into the hospital until the morning of the scheduled surgery. They night before you will need to get rest and not eat or drink anything after a certain time.

Fourth is the day of surgery. You will be required to check in the hospital several hours prior to the scheduled time of surgery in order to be prepped for the surgery. You will talk with an anesthesiologist who will explain the sedation process to you, such as...

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